3D Cameras

Are 3D Cameras Here To Stay?

Don’t you think it is funny that for decades photographers tried their best to capture a three dementional world as we see it with a two Sony 3D HD Video Camcorder 2011dimensional cameras (aka 2D). And now thanks to one movie that showed the world the potential of 3D  (James Cameroons’ Avatar 3D of coarse) and the huge tidal wave of HD home TV sets – Everyone today wants to be part of the 3D revolution.

If at the middle of 2010 it was still not clear if the 3D is just a geeks thing or a real technology that will be adapted by the mass consumer market, it is safe to say today that the 3D is here to stay.

What Is The 3D Cameras Future

What does all this mean when regarding 3D cameras? Well, for starter lest admit that electric appliances tend to multiply themselves in our homes when ever there is a technology change. When you upgrade the TV then you upgrade the DVD into a Blu-ray, and then you may add surround Dolby Digital speakers, and then there are 3D movies and you need 3D blu-ray and 3D compatible HDTV.. and then comes the glasses.. and then you move from USB to HDMI and get an editing software.. etc.. When people have the ability to see 3D at home, and 3D at Youtube, then the next natural evolution step will be having a 3D camera to keep our memories in 3D too.

Our Life In 3D

Think of your child’s first footsteps, the first birthday candle blowing, now there is a mass consumer 3D technology (that is getting better all the time) to help each of us to capture life most important and happy memories in 3D.

In a few years all the technology as we know it will be completely different, the leading brands are competeing to release better 3D technologies all the time.

Soon than we might expect, everyone will have 3D TVs, 3D laptops, and you will be able to be there with life most cherished memories captured on 3D cameras !

Shoot 3D Video Like a Pro

What It Takes To Watch Your 3D at Home?

Well the first thing will be capturing pictures and 3D photos with your home 3D camera or 3D camcorder. Then you will need a 3D-capable display (HDTV, 3D monitor, or projector) some of the 3D technology may need 3D glasses too.

The leading 3D camera right now (there might be a new leader in the future) but as for now it is the Fuji FinePix 3D 3W Digital Camera. It is the the best value for money, it will allow you to capture high-definition, high-resolution images and movies in 3D.

For a lower budget you may want to read the Aiptek 3D camera review, as you will find it has high value for a rather low price.

If Style and schick is your thing, if you look for a fantastic 2D camera that has some 3D features, see the Sony 3D TX9 review page.


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  1. I am waiting for the Sony 3D Bloggie comes out this spring. So far the review on Aiptek is good, so this will be quite interesting to see the battle between Sony and Aiptek.

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