128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card Review

128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card

The new 3D devices are causing a tidal wave for the flash card manufacturers! The 3D devices like the 3D camcorders and 3D cameras require a supper fast memory cards, with high storage place fro all the 3D content. In this 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card review, we will cover some of the main features you need to look for before you buy a 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card for your 3D camcorder.

128 GB SDXC Cards For 3D HD

Lexar Media 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card Review32GB flash memory card, with a slow bit rate writing or reading level, will not be sufficient to support any modern HD camera or camcorder. Today all the new 3D camcorders like the Sony 3D camcorder or the JVC 3D camcorder  require a high bit rate and a large storage.

All the 3D cameras you will buy today will support some kind of HD format. The high resolution HD format means that each image the 3D device captures is a full HD images, usually 1080p.

Capturing a full HD video means the camera needs to be able to write data to the card of thousands of full HD images in seconds. This means that the most important parameter for flash memory cards is not the GB capacity but the speed rate.

It’s All About The Card Speed Baby

Only a few years back it was a matter of capacity. A good flash card was a larger card. But them the 3D HD took over and large cards with slow reading and writing were causing expensive cameras to deliver poor results. When shooting 3D pictures and movies, the 3D camera or camcorder needs to handle twice as much data as a regular digital HD camera.

SDXC Flash Memory Card

The 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card reviewed here is the Lexar Media. But it does not matter, all the 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Cards of all brands have the SDXC sign which is the high speed sign standard for memory cards. Do not buy your 3D device a flash memory card which is not SDXC. A slow card will cause the camera to stop (freeze) or shoot shorter video 3D clips.

128 GB Flash Memory

The 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card will allow you to shoot longer 3D Videos and more 3D content than any other card. The Sony 3D camcorder comes with an internal 64GB memory. It allows 24 hours of 2D video shooting and 5 hours of 3D HD video shooting. The new 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory doubles this option for long lasting 3D projects, without the need to change a card every few hours.

133x Class 10 Card Speed

The Lexar Media 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card has the Class 10 sign for high speed read and write certificate. But the Lexar Media 128 GB SDXC Flash Memory Card  speed is only 20MB/s minimum guaranteed speed. This might be super fast for any regular 2D project. But for the professional users, they will need to look for the high 48MB/s – like the premium SanDisk Extreme guaranteed speed.

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