Best 3D Cameras Under $400

Which 3D Cameras Are Sold Online Well Under $400


If you would like to buy 3D camera, but do not want to spend $1000 or more for such a camera, then you should know there are now quite a few 3D cameras sold online under $400. It is even expected that the price of these cameras will continue to go down, as new 3D camera releases come every other month, and the technology becomes more popular to many.

There are several 3D cameras sold online that are worth reviewing, you do not want to spend $350 and get a 3D camera that does not meet your needs. Here you can read short 3D camera reviews to help you before you choose which one to buy online. There is no “best 3D digital camera” they are all good, and worth getting, but it is up for you to decide which will give you the best value for money.

If you search the online shops, you will see some old fashion ‘no names’, most of them are crappy manual cameras, some still using film (!?) and others are cheap plastic made, they are sold for $30-$90 and are easy to spot. You better focus on the leading 3D camera manufactures which are: Sony, Fujifilm and Aiptek.

The Fujifilm W3 Finepix 3D camera review

The W3 Fuji 3D Camera uses the best 3D camera technology today. The Fuji Finepix W3 3D camera uses two lens with hi resolution sensors to capture and create the 3D depth images and clips. The way it works is by capturing two frames at the same time, each frame is created by a different lens, so the camera preserves the left and right combination needed for a true 3D depth effect.

The two images are later combined together into one single 3D image. This image is actually two images placed one upon the other. There are many ways to enjoy the Fujifilm 3D photos, the fast and simple way, is to use the rear LCD 3D screen, which allows to see the 3D photos and clips without the need for special shutter glasses.

The LCD screen has a thin layer using a ‘Parallax Barrier’ technology the image is splinted automatically into two left/right images. Another way is to get the portable V1 3D digital viewer, which is a 3D LCD screen which can be connected by SDHC memory card or HDMI connection and show the 3D content.

Different way to see the content or share it, is with the Finepix 3D W3 Digital Camera plug and play mode. The HDMI cable (sold separately) is a fast way to transfer files to another display device, and the camera can be connected with it to most 3D HDTVs. On top of everything else the Finepix W3 digital camera is a great digital camera too! So for your hard earned money you get the best 3D camera and a fine digital 2D camera too, and as far as for today it is the best 3D camera you can buy for less than $400!

This Fujifilm W3 Finepix 3D camera is sold online – See Current Price Here.

Sony TX9 3D Digital Camera Review

The Sony TX9 3D camera was released with the promise to be the world smallest 3D camera. This Sony TX9 Digital camera uses a different kind of technology to create the 3D depth effect. As you can see in the picture at the right, unlike the Fujifilm W3, this Sony 3D camera has only one Carl Ziess lens, so a different solution was found to produce a deep 3D effect with one lens only!

How did Sony engineers have managed it, they made a unique mode called iSweep mode, this mode is a 3D clip mode only. When the iSweep panoramic mode is used, the camera needs to be swayed slowly sideways, then thousands of frames are taken; when these frames are digitally overlapped, a 3D effect is created, because each image was taken from a slightly different angle, thus allowing a 3D perspective of objects.

Just like the Fuji 3D camera reviewed above, the Sony has a 3D rear LCD screen display, wich allows to see the 3D content (Sweep mode) in 3D parralax barrier technology without 3D glasses needed.

Sony is probably has a thought that most customers are not yet ready for 3D picture taking, the Sony TX9 is a very good or even an excellent 2D camera with some fun 3D option of taking 3D sweep panoramic pictures. When you buy the Sony TX9 you will get a very long feature list with Sony’s picture taking technologies implemented inside. These features are found in all new Sony 2D digital cameras line like the: ‘Smile Detection’ or ‘Anti Blink Picture’, ‘Blur background’ mode and more… Using those modes will make sure every picture you take has a better chance to be a good one so that even your granny could take sharp interesting shots with it.

See current price for the: Sony 3D TX9 Digital Camera

Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder Review

The Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder  is a surprising camera that at first glance can be thought of ‘underdog’ between those to giants (Sony & Fujifilm).. But do not let this camera fool you, not only it is full of digital possibilities, it has another ace card up it’s sleeve.. it costs less than $200!! So it is the best value for money 3D camera for those who do not need hi-tech 3D images, but do look for a fun 3D camera to begin with.

The Aiptek is sold as a 3D camcorder, and not as a 3D camera, so it is all about taking 3D video clips. The camera design is also very original and looks like a smartphone with a single press button and 4 key functions around it. (See left image). It is also HD capable for 2D (regular) images and videos too.

The i2 camcorder has the same 3D LCD screen, so images can be viewed at the camcorder in live 3D immediately as they are produced. There are USB and HDMI cable connection for fast output and files transfer. The Aiptek 3D i2 camcorder has a fast share function, which sends the images created directly to your 3D Youtube channel..

The downside of the Aiptek i2 camcorder is that the HD is not full HD (1920×1080) it has a lower resolution rate of 1280*720. Another thing is because this camera is quite small, the distance between the lenses is smaller than the Fujifilm 3D camera, so the depth created is slightly sallow compared to the W3 ‘human eyes distance’ lenses.

See details and price ranges for: Aiptek 3D Digital Camera

Buying a 3D Camera Under $400 Conclusion

Which ever 3D camera you decide to buy below $400, make sure you buy it from a well reliable online store. You will need also some needed 3d camera accessories especially you will need SDHC cards with fast speed rate (Class 6 or Class 10) for the camera to be able to process all the data for the 3D pictures. Otherwise the camera will not preform as expected.. see here more on SDHC memory cards for 3D cameras.

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