3D Folding Viewer for 3D Camera Pictures

3D Folding Viewer for Fujifilm 3D W3 3D pictures

What is this 3D folding viewer for Fujifilm 3D W3 3D pictures?

Economical folding plastic 3D stereo print viewer. This 3D folding viewer can assist you with any 3D camera pictures you have. This affordable cheap viewer helps watching two side-by-side photos taken by 3D cameras and see them in full depth 3D.

Another nice thing is that this viewer is folding, so it can be easy to mail to friends and family.

With this small and comfortable 3D folding viewer they too will be able to view 3D stereo prints from 3in x 5in. This Mini 3D Viewer is a Parallel Format (side-by-side) Print Viewer, it is made of a hard plastic.

The 3D folding viewer for the W3 Digital Camera is self-focusing and provides a clear and exceptional 3D image that almost anyone can enjoy.

How The 3D Folding Viewer Saves You Money

Taking 3D pictures is easy with the W3 Fuji Finepix Camera, just point and shoot – and you have 2 pictures taken from two lenses, that together produce a 3D image.

If you want to print this image, you can use some of the online printing stores – Compared to the few cents that a regular photo print costs.. you will find that a 3D print costs $7 !!

So now think you have finished a great vacation and you have beautiful 3D pictures you want to share with your family that live far away…Or you want to take the 3D pictures to school or work to share the sights you have seen and captured in 3D.. What will you do ? Print 10-20 3D pictures ? That will cost you $70 – $150 !

This 3D folding viewer is one small gadget that you will be using more than anything else.. for less than $20 you can show as many 3D photos as you want ! Print all the side by side images for a few cents, place them on the 3D folding image viewer and let everyone behold !

You can fold this folding 3D viewer into an envelope (it’s made of hard plastic and won’t break) with as many pictures as you want and send them over the whole world to share your 3D images with your loved ones. Your friend or family will unfold the 3D folding viewer, place the side by side pictures and see the amazing 3D images that will be created.

Get 3D Folding Viewer for Fujifilm W3 3D pictures


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