3D Glasses For Children Review

3D Active Glasses For Children

3D Active Glasses For ChildrenLike everything in this world, we have to think of the children’s need too, in this report you can read about 3D glasses for children. There are couple of reasons why they need special 3D glasses and can’t use the adults size 3D glasses. In fact it might be in your own concern to make sure they have their children size 3D glasses  and do not use your glasses..

3D Is Fasinating Children

The 3D is a great excitement for everyone, but for children it is actually double excitement – Children are thrilled by every new 3D movie that comes out.. and they are thrilled to be with the latest gadget in their hands.

Each week there are new movie releases, many of them are 3D movies coming out to the theaters and as Blu-ray 3D disks too. Not only that but also there are new 3D game consoles coming out with 3D features embedded in them. It is expected that the 3D movies and games will continue to be popular even more than now, as most of the TV sets that are sold today are 3D HDTVs. So like the ‘egg & chicken’ cycle more 3D HDTV being sold.. more 3D movies and more 3D games are to be released.. So children 3D shutter glasses will be more needed.

3D Size Glasses For Children

There are number of reasons why they need children size 3D active shutter glasses, some of the reasons are practical, other reasons are more general. Lets first straighten the facts – In order for people (young or adult) to enjoy the 3D HDTV they must wear a 3D active shutter glasses. You can read here more on 3D active glasses.

3D Shutter Glasses For Children

If the 3D glasses do not fit properly on the face, or if they are not aligned with the TV then some of the 3D effect gets lost. Because it is children who mainly play the 3D console games they move around, jump around and then adults 3D glasses are just not good enough. In 3D active shutter glasses the head can be tilted more then the passive polarized 3D glasses, but still glasses that are bigger than childrens head will move and be unstable. 

So if you like it or not – your children need their own size of 3D glasses, to enjoy 3D at home!

6 Reasons Why To Buy 3D glasses For Your Kids

  • If you want to see a 3D movie with your children at home, than you will be wearing your 3D glasses, and they will need a pair of their own too..
  • Because many times children bring friends over, they will need more than one pair to watch 3D with their friends. It goes the same for playing 3D games.
  • If your family has more than one child, then all brothers and sisters – will need a pair, and because children’s 3D glasses are colorful they will not have to fight which one belongs to who.
  • 3D glasses for children are designed differently – They are smaller in diameter, so the get a better grip of their small heads. The children’s 3D glasses some time comes in very colorful design that makes them even more fun to wear.
  • Children usually watch more TV than us , they will be more time in front of the 3D HDTV, so it is recommended that their 3D active glasses will be rechargeable ones, other wise you will be buying new batteries every other day..
  • Children tend to break thinks, get things dirty, messy, children things get lost… If you will not get them childrens’s size 3D glasses, they will use.. yours.

 Samsung 3D Active Glasses For Children

Samsung active glasses for children are for now (mid 2011) the only children 3D active glasses that are specially designed for children, comfortable and with the optimized size  and are light weight! These glasses are made for the Samsung 3D HD 1080p LED or Plasma. As you can see they are colored so every child can enjoy his own color.

Bring 3D excitment to your own home!


Sony 3D Glasses For Children

There several Sony 3D glasses for children, they have a special youth size for those who are not children any more, but can not use the adults 3D glasses. Sony knows how to excite children, and they have a colorful line of active shutte glasses for children and youth. You can find more information on Sony 3D glasses for children pick your desired type:

Panasonic 3D Glasses For Children

Panasonic does not have unique Panasonic 3D glasses for children, they have regular set of 3D glasses that have a special pads V shaped that come at the nose bridge to adjust the size to children’s smaller face. The Panasonic shutter glasses for children did not get the best reviews by users, as some of them said, the V shape pad was not comfortable for long periods of 3D TV watching.

You can see and read more on the Panasonic 3D Glasses for children at this following link:

 Though there is an universal standard for 3D glasses, and the entrance of new manufacturers for these 3D glasses caused their price to drop. Remember the 3D glasses for children you need to buy are the ones that fit your 3D HDTV transmitter and that is usually goes by the same brand.


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