Buy 32 GB SDHC Memory Cards Online

Here you can read why you may need 32GB SDHC card for your 3D camera best performance use. The memory card you get inside the slot at the side of your 3D camera, is not just storage space for the files until you download them. The memory card performance and transfer rate speeds can leverage they 3D camera or downgrade its results.

Unless you have a Sony 3D Bloggie that comes with an internal 8GB memory storage all the rest of 3D cameras:

If you know enough on SDHC memory cards, you can go directly to the recommended 32GB Class 10 High speed rate SDHC.

Why 3D Cameras Need Special Specifications SDHC Memory Cards

When a 3D camera shutter is released, the camera will take two simultaneous shots – one form each lens to capture the object from two angles. Since nearly all 3D cameras are HD they will capture two Hi-Definition still or video frames each time.

There are two factors:

  1. All those files will be large HD resolution files and will need large storage space.
  2. The light sensors will need to write the HD data faster to the memory card, especially when shooting 3D video clips.

These two factors imply for all 3D cameras, larger storage than you may expect and faster data writing speeds will be needed. Faster than any digital camera usage you may have today.

Which SDHC Memory Cards Not To Buy For 3D Cameras

Stay away from 4GB SD or SDHC cards, the 4GB will fill up sooner and the 3D camera will be “full” in no time. 8GB SDHC cards can be enough at two terms, you either not use the 3D camera for 3D clips or you ’empty’ the card frequently to the computer. The 3D camera can stand 10 seconds 3D clips, but even those need to be clear and flawless. For 3D cameras and camcorders it will need to be 16Gb SDHC or 32GB SDHC.

Which SDHC Cards Are Best For 3D Cameras

So we know you will need a 16GB SDHC or a 32GB SDHC size card. The 32Gb will free you from the fear of getting the card full when you are in the middle of something. The 32GB SDHC will allow you to travel and enjoy longer periods of time between the downloading sessions with the computer.

You will need a 32GB SDHC card Class 6 speed at least. This speed indicates the writing/reading transfer rates. Digital SLR cameras can enjoy the 32GB SDHC Class 6, but it will be too tight for the 3D cameras. The Class 10 is probably the most recommended transfer rate you need to look for. See the  SDHC Class speed levels, look for the number inside the circle. (See yellow arrow on picture)

How Much does a Good 32GB SDHC Cost

Except for the brand thing, and that is up for you to choose what you pay for, you need to know that there are several 32Gb SDHC writing speed and reading speeds levels within each Class category. So some 32GB SDHC manufacturers will show you a Class 10 at a very low price, and others Class 10 nearly three times more – It is because one has a writing of 10Mb/s and the other can have 30Mb/s, but these facts will be buried deep in the technical details. A rule of thumb, if it cost similar but higher, you pay for brand; If it costs a lot more you get much more performance even if it is at the same Class level.

Recommended 32GB Class 10 High speed rate SDHC