8GB Cards And 3D Cameras

See the bottom line first – If you have or intend to buy a 3D camera that has a memory card slot, then please know that 8GB may be insufficient for your needs. It is advised that you read below why to understand, and check the 16GB SDHC or 32GB SDHC pages to see which of them suits you better.

If you do decide to buy an 8GB Sdhc memory card, then at least make sure you buy a Class 6 or Class 10 (indicates card speed). Buying a lower Class (2 or 4) may cause in most cases your 3D camera to preform less than it is capable for.

3D Cameras Without Internal Memory

If you have a 3D camera or have just bought a 3D camera like Fujifilm W3 3D camera, Sony TX9 3D, Sony TX100 3D, Sony TX10 3D, Aiptek 3D i2 Camera or Viewsonic 3D camera or any other.. You must know that they need higher storage and higher writing/reading speed levels than regular digital camera and SLR or DSLR cameras.

8GB For 2D Cameras Not 3D

8GB may not be enough to support your 3D camera needs. 3D files are larger and take more space, each 3D image is usually HD and it is combined from 2 HD frames. Because people are used to 2D files and think that 8GB is an ‘endless storage’ and they assume they will never see it full, but when using the 3D mode the files gets significantly heavier. The place where the 8GB will frustrate you most is when you take a 3D clip then expect the 8Gb SDHC to hold a short clip, but will be surprised that 8GB may capture a measly few seconds and not lengthy 3D clips.

8GB SDHC Conclusion

Unless you are buying a 8GB SDHC card for a 2D digital camera, there is no sense not to upgrade to a 16GB SDHC or even 32GB SDHC cards. There is not even a major price difference between them, but if your budget is tight, it is even recommended to buy a 16GB SDHC from no-brand than a 8GB memory card from a brand name (SanDisk).

8GB SDHC may be enough for the 3D beginner, and more frequent PC downloads will be needed as the cards will get full much sooner than you are customized with the current digital camera usage of 8GB SDHC.

Even if you decide to get a 8GB SDHC card for your 3D camera, get it with the speed Class 6 or Class 10 levels only. Buying a Class 4 speed may not be sufficient for the 3D camera, you may be disappointed with the camera performance while it is the SDHC card which cannot handle the overload of data transfer.

If you get a 8GB – This one is 8GB Class 10 Recommended