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Buying the correct 16 GB SDHC memory card may have a great effect on your digital camera, it may even have a greater effect when it comes to 3D cameras and camcorders.

Most of the 3D cameras you will buy online are sold without a memory card. They usually have a small 128MB memory for internal use and not for storing 3D image files. The 3D cameras have a SD/SDHC slot and it is up to you to purchase separately the correct memory card for your needs.

Buy online – SDHC 16GB Class 10 Card

Buying The Wrong SDHC Card For 3D camera

It is important for people to know that the memory card they buy, will effect the preformance of the 3D camera and the quality of 3D files and 3D videos they capture. So when investing around $350 on a 3D camera, it is worth to know that extra bucks are needed to invest in the best memory card you can afford to buy.

There are two main factors regarding memory cards, Storage space and speed Class. Getting a memory card which has good capabilities in only one of them may be fine for 2D digital cameras, but may be a big No No when done with a 3D camera.

When shooting 3D, the camera takes two 2D images and combines them in a fraction of a second to achieve the 3D perspective depth. So double storage and double processing speeds are needed for your camera to be able to take 3D images and 3D video. Most 3D cameras have HD resolution needs which means you can not be cheap with the SDHC cards you choose.

3D Camera SDHC Storage Space Recommendation

Is the factor most of the people know about, its the size and capacity of the card. No one wants to see “card is full” blinking on the LCD control screen only after a few shots have been taken.

SD cards (4GB or less) are not suitable for 3D needs. You must have 8GB SDHC or more.

Most people buy the 16GB SDHC card size, as it will allow them to capture more 3D images and longer 3D videos. The price difference makes the 16GB SDHC a better choice for the long run. Buying an 8GB SDHC card means to empty it much more often than with a 16GB SDHC card.

3D Cameras Speed Class Recommendation

Every SDHC card comes with another factor the Class type. Class 2 means rather slow data transfer rate, as Class 10 is the highest for SDHC. For the 3D camera not to disappointed you, you will need a Class 6 or Class 10 SDHC card. Faster Class means much better performance for the 3D camera. This factor is more important than the Storage size. If you have to choose, prefer a SDHC 16Gb with Class 10 rate and not a 32GB with Class 4, if you can afford it go for the top brands for better performance.

3D Cameras SDHC Card Conclusion – 16GB Class 10

Get 16GB SDHC memory card with Class 10 Speed for best results and leveraging your 3D camera features. See below we have picked the most appropriate cards from different brands all 16GB Class 6 and 16GB SDHC Class 10.



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