3D Movies

Watching 3D Movies at Home

If in the 80’s and 90’s watching a 3D movie could be done only in big screen cinema, now every one can bring some friends over put a huge bucket of popcorn and watch a 3D movie at home.

Since the opening scene in James Cameroon Avatar 3D movie, the entertainment industry has never been so technology oriented. The 3D became the new Buzz, each new movie or a no’ 2 sequence film is released now in 3D formats.

3D Movies and Blu-rays

At the beginning the 3D was used for horror movies and thrillers like Jaws. Then the 3D movie segment was used for educational nature and wildlife presentation (3D Dinosaurs and Deep Sea 3D Wildlife). But like the other blockbusters these days most of the new releases are focused on the 3D kids and family segment.

Since HD 3D movies are too large to be stored on regular DVD, you need to look for 3D Blu-ray disks.

Watching 3D Movies At Home

In order for you to watch 3D at home, you will need a 3D HDTV, a blu-rays disk player, and of course a 3D Blu-ray disk with the movie in 3D format. Make sure you have the right kind of glasses (active or poloraized glasses) that match the technology your HDTV uses to screen the images.

3D Movies Tech Stuff

All the 3D and HD electric appliances use the standard HDMI cables to connect with each other and transfer the large data from one another. 3D viewing unlike regular HD (720p) needs larger transfer rates and for those a 1.4a HDMI cablesare recommended. Some people who connect the 3D HDTV and the Blu-ray with 1.3 or even 1.4 HDMI cables might see the picture freeze, blur and unclear, this may be because of low quality HDMI cable that cannot stand the bit-rate transfer.


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