3D Camcorders

Which 3D Camcorder Is Best For You

The 3D trend is catching up very quickly! The sales of the 3D HD TVs have been blowing up the roof, exceeding the most optimistic market experts hopes. The main use for them is to support the 3D movies that came after the 3D Avatar movie hit.

 While the 3D cameras seem to be catching faster at the markets, with many new releases from the top brands, the current 3D camcorder market, is not catching up at the same pace. There are still not too many models to pick from, and not enough 3D HD-TVs to show all these new 3D media that is being produced.

3 Levels of 3D Camcorders to Choose From

Pocket Size Fun 3D Camcorders

The small pocket 3D cameras with 3D video ability. Those are stylish fun 3D cameras, that can shoot 3D movie clips (length depends on memory card size). In this category you may find the Apitek 3D HD camcorder (less than $200) and the Sony 3D Bloggie Touch (approx. $250). These are 3D camcorders with two lenses , that will fit well inside your pocket, and can be used at casual events, and for family and friends excitement.

Their main market is for young people, cool, stylish with high connection to Facebook, Youtube and love for hi-tech sleek gadgets.

3D Lenses Mounted On 2D Camcorders

In this section there are the first 3D camcorders presented to the markets. The first 3D camcorders that where marketed as real camcorders with 3D movie abilities, are the Panasonic 3D line of camcorders. Those 3D camcorders were based on the former technology of Panasonic, HD camcorders, but have a double eye lens 3D conversion lens mounted on them.

You can see the instruction calling “Simply attach the Panasonic HDC SDT750 High Definition 3D Camcorder 3D Conversion Lens to the SDT750 for quick and easy 3D shooting.” Those 3D camcorders come with zoom abilities and better photo features, audio features, light and color features for video capturing than the pockets size 3D camcorders.

Their price started from $1500 and can end up at $600 depend on which camcorder platform the 3D conversion lens are attached to. The Panasonic HDC SDT750 which was the first 3D camcorder sold for the mass consumer market is sold for less than a $1100 .

3D Camcorders

Some Japanese companies have released new 3D camcorders that were designed and build as 3D camcorders. They relay on years of acquired technology and knowledge – but they are not a upgraded version, or a 2D camcorder with a 3D conversion lens. They are they real thing.

They have all known zoom, HD, resolution, audio, color and shooting technology – packed in one camcorder with the 2 eyed 3D lens build in. 3D camcorders like this you may find from JCV, (JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder – Not sold on Amazon) or the Sony 3D HDR-TD10 Handycam® camcorder.

These cameras are focused on the family trips and vacations, the market share for the more financially able people, those who will be capturing the Grand Canyon or the Europe tour in 3D. The 3D camcorder will pop up as a need for those with the 3D HD-TV, that will want to see them self on a 3D television at home.

The price seem to fixed at $1600-$1400 representing them as leaders of the 3D camcorders category.

Conclusion 3D Camcorders

More camera releases are expected this year, it seem the new Sony 3D HDR-TD10 camcorder will be leading the sales this year. It comes from a well reputed brand, it is the first back to front 3D camcorder build as such, and like the rest of Sony camera line the TD10 3D camcorder uses super advanced technology features and user friendly modes for best movie results.