3D Video Camera Review

3D Video Camera Review For Home Use

3d Video cameras reviewWhen people are looking for 3D video cameras, they have in mind to get more 3D video making than the regular 3D pictures. Until 2010 the only 3D cameras were old plastic made-for-geeks stereo cameras, some of you might even seen the 3D 80’s blockbuster ‘Jaws’ movie.. The whole 3D was for geek tech photographers and there where no 3D video cameras at all.  

This all changed when Avatar was released – and the beginning of the 3D trend came like a technological Tsunami. First came Fujifilm at 2010 and announced the Fujifilm Finepix Real W1 3D camera. Then other companies released they are working on 3D video cameras too.  At the beginning of 2011 the main players in this market released their new 3D video cameras and new 3D technologies at the CES convention at Las Vegas.

Today you may find several 3D video cameras, some sold though Amazon.com, others are sold through Amazon.co.uk. In this 3D video camera review you can find information on existing 3D video cameras which are distributed for home use.  

(last August 2011)

Panasonic 3D Video Cameras Review

 There is a rather wide range of Panasonic 3D video cameras you can choose from, their price range goes from $600-$1300, but it is expected to get lower as new 3D video cameras reach the market. From the outside most of the Panasonic 900 and 800 series look the same, while they have slightly different features and technology abilities.  

Panasonic HDC-HS900K 220GB HDD 3D Video Camera

This is for now the top of the 3D video cameras Panasonic has for the home use. The Panasonic HS-900K is another video camera from the 900 and 800 series, with the latest Advanced 3MOS sensor system, HYBRID O.I.S image stabilization, 2D & 3D video capture capability. The Panasonic has a gigantic 220 GB HDD, SDXC/SDHC Memory Card Recording.

The huge 220 GB and SDXC cards capability means you can make longer 3D videos in Full HD. This Panasonic 3D video camera is capable of Full HD transfer rate of 28 Mbps, 1080/60p recording (Full-HD, 1,920 x 1,080, 60 progressive recording). The Panasonic HS-900K uses The Intelligent Resolution Technology incorporated in the Crystal Engine PRO uses edge detection technology to confirm the edges of objects within the image, then emphasizes the edges for optimal clarity. 

The 3D lens is an attachable lens which can be mounted on the Panasonic HS900k. With the 3D conversion lens the images are recorded by the ultra-fine sensors into a clear vivid bright 3D HD video. The huge memory allows long 3D video capturing no other 3D video camera can compete with.

Panasonic HDC-TM900K Twin Memory 3D Video Camera

This TM-900 (Twin Memory) is the latest Panasonic 3D video camera, it is actually the basic Panasonic HD video camera, with the 3D twin lens attached on top.

The twin 3D lens makes it possible for this Panasonic TM 900 to capture 3D Videos by dividing the image light to two separate sensors, which each record HD images or videos for HD watching. The Panasonic 3D digital video camera uses the advanced 3MOS System (which can be found in all Panasonic 3D video cameras) for transferring scenes to the memory card, even at low light situations.


Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder


This Sony Camera is the most new 3D video camera from the Sony 3D camera division. Its uniqueness is that it is the first 3D camera with the double lens build in (not as conversion lens like with the Panasonic 3D camcorders). This makes it the world’s first 10x optical zoom in 3D (consumer camcorder).
This Sony 3D video camera comes with the Xtra Fine 3D LCD touch panel with TruBlack technology. It can take 3D videos and also 2D still images at 7.1 mega-pixels. The Sony 3D digital video camera can be proud of 3D HD:2x 1920×1080/50i – super high resolution fit to show 3D videos for the Full HD 3D Television Bravia series. The extra long zoom 10x for 3D is the longest for the build it lens!  This super zoom lens will bring objects far away close and sharp in vivid 3D !
Sony seems to be conquering the 3D digital camera market, it has the largest collection of 3D cameras offered to the home consumers (Sony TX9 , Sony TX10, and the Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Reviewed below) with multiple colors to pick from, and wide price range making their 3D cameras and 3D video camcorders affordable (from $1400 – $250).


Sony MHS-FS3 3D Bloggie Touch Video Camera

Sony is catching up quickly on the Aiptek 3D video camera, adding a second lens to the hot 2D video camera the Bloggie series. This Sony 3D Bloggie video camera is a handy small camera to be carried around and taken everywhere. The Sony Bloggie 3D video camcorder is a fancy cool 3D camera which is easy to use, and fun to play with.

The Sony 3D bloggie has 3D video and still image recording capability with 3D viewing directly on 2.4″ LCD, no need for 3D glasses. Just point and shoot 3D, turn the video camera around and watch 3D on the LCD directly. Small but advanced tech you get 1920x1080p MP4 HD video w/5MP still images, to take Full-screen vertical/horizontal record/playback on 2.4 LCD. Up to 4 hrs of 3D or 2D HD video w/ 8GB of internal memory.

See here more on Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Camera


Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Video Camcorder

Aiptek 3D video camcorder was out at the markets (before the Sony 3D Bloggie) It is a small handy fun 3D camera with twin lenses for capturing full HD 3D videos and still pictures. The Aiptek 3D video camera is the cheapest of all the 3D video cameras reviewed here – it can be bought online for $169-$199 less than any other 3D video camera, while it has just the same capabilities and will give the user just the same satisfaction capturing 3D video clips.

Apitek 3D Video cameraThe Aiptek 3D video camcorder works with the new 3D TVs, PCs, and laptops using nVidea 3D Vision, it has dual 5MP sensors to capture 3D videos and stills in HD ! Simple, one-touch recording (point and shoot), a unique LCD preview screen offers 3D viewing without glasses – Shoot 3D Turn and watch. The Aiptek 3D video camera supports SDHC cards up to 32GB – allowing long 3D video capturing on the memory card.



There are more 3D video cameras expected to show at the markets soon, all the major brands gave a glimpse at the 3D technologies they developed at the last Camera Convention. It seems the 3D video is not a passing gadget but a real new era for the home photography and video making. There are enough options to choose from so each you can get the best 3D video camera for your needs.


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