3D Video Chat Webcam Review- Minoru

Minoru 3D Web Camera Review

Minoru 3D Webcam ReviewNo one thought 3D fun could be even better! Having 3D video chat webcam is a gadget that can spice up the same old boring instant messaging programs. Think that you can plug in the Minoru 3D video chat webcam and share 3D with your friends and family, post 3D replies on Youtube and capturing 3D on your computer with the little two eyed camera mounted on top.

Minoru 3D Internet Cam Gadget

The new 3D webcam Minoru is a stylish gadget for those who like to have fun stuff and gadgets other people usually don’t have. It has a small robo-gadget design, but do not let that fool you, the Minoru 3D webcam has a surprisingly good 3D processing. You can record 3D straight from your computer long 3D clips, and share them on YouTube.

Now when the Apple iPad2 has two web cameras and more tablets and laptops come with 3D features, when everyone has 3D something.. it is the best 3D webcam for video chats you can find for your home computer.

Minoru 3D Web Camera Specs

The Minoru 3D web camera has two cameras placed wide apart for the best 3D angle effect. The two cameras are designed like a midget robot eyes. The Minoru has 2 x 640×480 sensors with two wide-angle high quality lenses. They record two images streams at one to produce the stereoscopic image. You can get with the dual camera a resolution of 800 x 600 Pixels.

The webcam has lights around the lenses which light up when recording, and a microphone built-in which was surprisingly good.

The Minoru 3D web camera comes with 5 sets of dorky looking 3D glasses. Since the Japanese developers guessed most of the people you will share 3D with, will not be able to see it, they packed those 5 sets of passive 3D glasses so you could send them over.

So your best friends and family could place those 3D passive glasses to see your clips in basic 3D effect. You may want to keep one pair for yourself so you could see your own 3D clips, and see other peoples clips on 3D Youtube channel.

3D Video Chat Webcam

Having a 3D chat online in our review is one of the most coolest things that goes on around the web, getting the third dimension is a strange feeling, and if you think about it for a second, when was the last time you enjoyed a new dimension in the places that do not excite us any more.

The Minoru 3D camera is suitable to work with all Major online instant messaging, video chatting and VOIP programs like MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger, Skype and others.

Once you get over the geeky feeling wearing the 3D eyewear glasses, and get used to see others with these glasses on too when chatting, exploring the 3D web content becomes fun and adventurous.

Minoru Is a 2D Internet Camera Too

If you are a gadget lover, when is the moment you seek the NEXT thing to mess around with? Well for some it is the moment when every one around you has a 3D Internet webcam too. Whats the big deal to have a gadget everyone else has? Thats not cool. So when that happens you do not need to unplug the Minoru 3D internet webcam you can still use it as a surprisingly fine 2D internet web camera.

Minoru Review Conclusion

The price of the Minoru 3D is less than branded 2D webcams, so it is quite affordable to purchase and fiddle with till the NEXT 3D gadget will be released. Until then Minoru 3D Webcam is a great way to discover the new 3D frontiers, without buying a 3D HDTV or getting a sophisticated 3D camera or camcorder which costs $300.

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