A Loophole To Get The 3D Aiptek For $50 Less

How To Get Extra $30 Off When Buying Aiptek 3D camcorder

People who look for cheap 3D cameras or cheap 3D camcorders will eventually find themselves on the Amazon product page for the Aiptek 3D camera. If you are looking for a low budget 3D camera, don’t let this cameras’ low price frighten you away..

Aiptek 3D HD i2 camcorder is probably the best value for money 3D camera! It has 3D video and 3D still capabilities, it has a 3D LCD screen, and lots of other features making it the first choice for people who want 3D camera – but not to spend $350 or more for the Japanese branded names.

In this guide you will learn how to buy the 3D Aiptek camcorder at $50 lower than the price most people see for this great value 3D camcorder. Everything here is of course 100% legal.. 🙂

This guide can be outdated if and when Amazon will change the products price.. the $50 less loophole might be gone tomorrow, so if you are serious on getting really cheap 3D camera, take advantage of this right away.

What’s The Loophole ??

The loophole is just something many people miss and pay an extra $30 bucks for the same3D Aiptek camcorder they could have bought for less.

Follow this guide through and buy the Aiptek at a lower price than you see at the Amazon landing page..

Step 1

First you need to go to Amazon – Click Here– (It will open Amazon – Aiptek 3D Product Page – on a new window)

It will look like this:

The product name, picture, info details and price. See the price is $199.

This price is a great bargain anyway… the nearest competitor costs $120 more!!

But you can get the Aiptek 3D for even lower price. Go to Step 2..

Step 2

Now if you take a closer look you will see that this product people see and buy, is the Black/Black color, this means the cover of the camera is black at the front and at the back.

There is another color to choose from the Black/White color (see below). It will be the same 3D camera, with the cover colors a little different..

Now click the Black/White button to switch to the different color option… (see the arrow)


Step 3

Walla !

Your new Aiptek 3D camcorder price has just shrunk by $30 !! Into a silly low price… of $169!


Now unless you are a fashion dummy, or wait till it is gone… You save an instant $30 if you act quickly and proceed to checkout!

No one knows how long this wierd $30 discount on the same functions 3D product will last, it could even not be there while you read these lines.

If you are still not sure.. see that approximately 30% of the people buy the $199 black/black camera.. they didn’t check the other option and payed more than you will.

Claim your low price loophole 3D camera – Click HERE – to see if it still there.


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