Aiptek 3D HD i2 Camera Review

The Aiptek 3D HD Camcorder Review

Aiptek 3D HD Video camcorderIf you are a 3D fan but the outrageous prices of the 3D cameras and camcorders have scared you away, than the Aiptek 3D HD i2 camcorder is a refreshing item to put your hand on. In this short review you can read about the Aiptek HD definition 3D camera which is sold on Amazon at the affordable low price of $199.

When competing 3D cameras are sold well over $300, the Aiptek 3D camcorder can certainly become a suitable camera for those who wants to add some 3D thrill to their video production gallery. The great news about this 3D camera, that it is so easy to use, you actually don’t have to know anything about photography in order to enjoy it. The engineers who planned this small device have done a beautiful job, as it is easy to use, comfortable to handle, packed with hi-tech specs and also stylish to show.

Get It Here Aiptek i2 HD 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D i2 HD Camcorder



Aiptek i2 HD Camcorder Tech Stuff

Well the tech stuff regarding this camera, is actuality the less interesting part, because those who will buy it care less for the never ending mega-pixel rat race, other camera fell too. Honestly I do not think any human being can tell the difference between 5 Mega-pixel or 10 Mega-pixel image. Except the real pro photographers who make a living out of selling their photos, most of the people would point and shoot, then upload to Facebook or Tweeter.

Aiptek i2 3D HD Definition Sensors

The Aiptek i2 3D HD camcorder comes with 5 Mega-Pixel Cmos dual sensors, these are the eyes and brain of the 3D photography. The dual Cmos sensors capture either 3D or regular (2D) still images or video clips. The 3D effect is created when two videos or still images are captured by each lens, and then combined into a 3D image or 3D HD video, you can later watch as 3D at home.

i2 Camcorder Connects To Any Electronic Device

The Aiptek camera has a HDMI or USB connection, so it can be plugged into virtually any electronic reading device and transfer the files and photos with no effort. The HDMI is a 3D cable standard which connects high data between 3D compatible devices, you can read here: about best HDMI cables for 3D cameras.

External Memory SDHC Card Slot

Another feature that the Aiptek 3D camera has is a SDHC card slot! This is not found in every camera, as it has some cons worth knowing. The SDHC memory card slot permits up to 32 GB of external memory, you do not have to buy such a large storage space, a fast Class 10 8 or 16 GB SDHC card will do perfectly for normal needs.

The pros of external card slot:

  • You can use what ever SDHC cards you already have so you save money.
  • Cards can be replaced when full, so you do not have to connect your camera to the computer all the time.
  • You have the freedom to buy what ever card you like.

The cons of external SDHC card slot:

  • Most people do not know which card would be best for their camera.
  • If you do not have a SDHC card, then it is another expense except the cost of the camera.
  • If the wrong card is used, camera performance might be slowed down dramatically.

You might want to read more on which memory card to buy for 3D cameras.

i2 3D Is Easy To Use, Easy To Share

But when it comes down to enjoying a 3D camera, it is all about sharing and friendly using the basic features. 99% Of the people who buy tech gadgets never use all the features the device was planned to do. Aiptek i2 HD camcorder has less mind blowing features no one would use, but has fewer and more convenient features that will make 3D videos an exciting new hobby.

A clean design with a one button function, makes the camera friendly to any person who holds it. One button recored, one button play back. The camera has a back screen LCD viewer with 3D no-glasses capabilities. So once you shoot 3D, just flip the camera over and share the clip in real 3D with everyone around you.

The camera comes with a 3D conversion software that converts the 3D content into anaglyph 3D images or video. The anaglyph is the regular non-tech way to see 3D where the red and blue glasses are needed. This anaglyph format is the format used at Youtube 3D channel. Uploading the content to the 3D Youtube channel is also a one button click process. So you can share your 3D images with friends all over the world.

Aiptek HD 3D Camcorder Conclusion

This HD 3D camcorder gets very high reviews at Amazon, from people who have used it and loved it. The price is fair and affordable. If you want and extra discount, you can check the article where I explain the loophole how to get this same camera at Amazon for $50 less!! This could be a perfect gift for others or for yourself, as it is the best value for money 3D camera you will find.

Get It Here Aiptek i2 HD 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D i2 HD Camcorder



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