Best 3D Camera For Less Than $199

Recommended 3D Camera For Less Than $199

Since the 3D camera came storming our lives, it became quite difficult to know which is the best 3D camera to buy with a low budget. If we leave for a moment the super pro 3D cameras, those which are sold for $1500 or more, than we are left with the main stream 3D cameras, which most of them cost between $200-$350. In this mid price segment you can find:

It is expected that these camera’s price would continue to decline, and get axed even, when new items are being released. But for people who look right now for a lower budget solutions these cameras, as good as they are, are just unfordable.

In this short review we will introduce some other option to purchase one of the best low budget camerae which is not crappy. The low price should not intimidate you from getting this camera, because it has some of the best reviews by users who have tried it and loved it. For the first ‘hands-on’ with 3D this will do perfectly.

The Winner For The Cheapest 3D Camera

The winner in this category is not the cheapest camera you may find, but it is the best value for money, and it is just a pretty good camera for it’s own. Please give your applauds for the Aiptek 3D HD i2 Camcorder! (Trumpet sounds)

Aiptek 3D camera is a bargain. It is sold for as little as $169 or even less at Amazon (see link below) and it has all the features you need in order to enjoy the full depth 3D experience it holds. The Aiptek i2 3D Camcorder is a nice small ‘phone’ like camera, which can easily fit into any pocket and can be taken to any event to capture 3D images and 3D video clips.

This is not only a 3D camcorder, the Aiptek i2 can serve you also as a reasonable still 2D camera, or a video camcorder. There is a simple 2D/3D one touch switch button, to choose which mode is best for you at any moment.

What You Get For Less Than $199

Here are some of the features you get when you buy the Aiptek 3D Camera.

Fits Any Pocket  – As mentioned before one important feature is that the camcorder is tiny! It looks more like a cellphone rather than the regular digital camera type you would expect. (See the picture) When the camera is small enough to be carried anywhere, you are sure to have it with you when the right moment for a 3D photos arrives.

For young people, Aiptek 3D camcorder, is elegant enough not to be to considered too geeky.

Watch Your Clips Live 3D On LCD Screen– Like other 3D cameras, (including those which cost double!) the Aiptek’s 3D-HD has a rear LCD screen for instant playback preview. When the 3D mode is selected you will be able to see the 3D clips you have created immediately in 3D! And without the need for 3D glasses. This is possible using the “Parallax Barrier” technology. This technology means that a thin layer of polarized sheet is placed over the LCD and it ‘splits’ the image into two identical images one for each eye, left and right. When each eyes sees a slightly different angle the three dimensional effect is created.

Point & Shoot 3D Pictures or Video – Like taking pictures with your cellphone.. with the Aiptek 3D you just have to point and shoot.. No planning and no choosing from dozens of modes. It is simple to use, playback, review, share or download all with no more than 1-2 clicks.

See Your Content Everywhere – As we know today during the Facebook fever times, it is not worth anything if you can’t share it.. Whats the point of taking pictures if no one of our friends can see them. Well, even though this is a low price [cheap 🙂 ] 3D camera, the Aiptek has great sharing solutions. With a simple click, your still images would be uploaded to Facebook and your video clips to Youtube.

As it is a 3D camcorder, you can have a free 3D channel at youtube, to which you could send your videos for the entire world to see.

Have a 3D TV ? 3D PC monitor ?– The camcorder records in a popular 3D-HD’s format. The MP4 format is used by most of the major 3D HDTVs brands so the files you produce can be shared and watched on many 3D devices like laptops and PCs equipped with 3D cards.  The camera arrives with a conversion software, so you can choose whether to view it in the former Anaglyph, Polarized format or the more recent Active-Shutter technology. For  the low price of less than $200 Aiptek’s has the highest return on your investment.

Don’t Expect Too Much For Such Low Price

The fact that you pay so little, means you will get less than you would if you will invest in a more expensive camera. Other 3D cameras listed here, have wider and better features than the Aiptek i2 3D camcorder. For example the HD the i2 has is a ‘lower version’ of HD, and has less resolution and lines than any of the rest of the 3D cameras mentioned above.

The sensors sensitivity is much higher for the Sony and Fuji 3D cameras (up to 16 Mega-pixel) compared to the 5 Mega-Pixel the Aiptek has.

Both Sony and Fuji have much more photography modes to offer, and have much more user assistance features (stability modes, low light, digital zoom) to help users to produce better shots than normally they would manage to take.

Low Budget 3D Camera Conclusion

If you are a ‘National Geography’ photographer taking breathtaking pictures of natures amazing beauty in 3D for the next magazine edition, you better be ready to invest in one of the top niche 3D camcorders. For all the rest of us humans, the Aiptek i2 HD camcorder is a fine camera, with just enough features to enjoy 3D without too much hassle. 

Do not expect what it can’t deliver, the Aiptek, is a small fun 3D camera, but there are far better 3D cameras and 2D cameras out there to buy, if the specs are your thing.

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