Best 3D Cameras 2014

Best 3D Digital Cameras 2014

3D  Camera 2014There is always an endless debate which is the best 3D camera for 2014? Since it is impossible to name only one type or model as ‘the best 3D camera for 2012′ we have decided to create our top performance 3D camera list.

There can never be only one ‘best 3D camera’ since each user has different expectation and different needs.

While some will need an extended zoom others will need internal memory, some will prefer SDHC card slots. 3D quality depends on the lens, the ability to process the 3D data, the 3D LCD screen, and 3D shooting features.

Which 3D Camera Is Best For You?

Here is the cheapest 3D camera in the slideshow, it is a twin lens 3D camera, with 2.8 Barrier 3D display. The SVP DC-3D-80 Black 3D Digital Camera with 2.8 Barrier 3D Display has external memory card slot, so you can choose what kind of SDHC card to insert.

Here is the winner of the 3D best digital camera for our 2012 slideshow. The Fujifilm W3 3D camera is currently the best 3D camera you can buy. It has hundreds of wonderful customer ratings all across the photography forums! The Fujifilm W3 3D camera even costs less than the Panasonic Lumix 3D which came second place. You can get the Amazon 45% discount [save – $271.50] by buying the Fujifilm 3D Finepix W3 Camera here.

What do you think about our list, do you have other 3D cameras you think should be included in the best 3D cameras for 2012 list? It is funny just a year ago there was only one 3D camera to pick from (the Fujifilm W1) and then all of a sudden after the CES trade show 2011, the 3D began the new renaissance.

Best 3D Cameras 2014

Fuji W3 3D Digital Camera Price

Fuji 3D Camera

It is exciting to think which will be the next year best 3D cameras for 2015 on our list..

we did not include the 3D camcorders because they are a little out of this list, and anyway there are currently only 2 main 3D camcorders to compare, the Sony 3D Handycam and the JVC 3D camcorder.


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