Bloggie 3D Touch Released From The Box (Unboxed)

Unboxing Bloggie 3D Touch

Sony Bloggie 3D Released UnboxedThere is nothing like unboxing a new gadget from the box. This goes for the excitement with the new Sony 3D Bloggie released. The Sony 3D Bloggie was exhibited at the CES 2011 and as expected it attracted a lot of attention. The anticipation only grew as the waiting list became long as the road from Vegas to nowhere.

Finally this April (2011) the Sony 3D Bloggie was released and the first lucky people received their tiny sophisticated 3D camera. As you can see below in the clip, the unboxing of the new Bloggie 3D Touch is like a small ceremony, with the scent of surprise and excitement.

Everything is packed well, with tight stickers and all the correct labels. The shinny violet cover is grinning before the Bloggie 3D is revealed. Once released to the public, the 3D touch is a true buzz maker.

A Jewel Box Or 3D Camera Inside

The small package unfolds a small elegant looking dark box, which looks more like a jewelry box or a watch case than a camera case. When the top part is lifted, the Sony 3D Jewel is seen lying in the velvet, waiting to be lifted. The front of the LCD cover is protected by a special cover, this is a 3D without glasses screen, which like your smartphone – is Touch screen functions.

Both lenses are covered with small protection cap, when these are removed, the bright clear lens can be seen. Those lens are hiding two powerful sensors, capable of capturing life in Full-HD and 3D resolution.

The Sony Bloggie Getting Lite

When the Sony Bloggie power button is pressed, the intro music starts to play, and the Sony 3D Logo turns and swirls welcoming you to the stylish design of the 3D videos. The single button makes the navigation naturally easy, even if it is your first encounter with the Sony 3D Bloggie touch, you will feel as if you have it for years.

Easily select the 3D mode or 2D mode, record or playback modes, and the share option to blast away your new content to everyone you know.

Bloggie LCD 3D Without Glasses

You will rocked by the clear 3D LCD screen, it shows the 3D playback with real 3 dimensional depth, thanks to the No-Glasses technology. The scene is captured razor sharp with the 2 sensor lenses, and it transmitted to the 3D memory card, with the 8 GB internal memory. No need for external cards and card readers hassle, the Sony 3D Bloggie has a popping folding USB arm and a HDMI cable connection, for ultra-fast data transfer.

Sharing Files With Bloggie 3D Touch

What is the use of recording 3D or 2D videos or pictures when the best part is the sharing. The Sony 3D Bloggie has great share options with easy connection to any computer, with the HDMI connection large files can fly from the 8Gb memory to any computer.

The best part is course the easy upload to all the main social websites. There can be 100 sharing options but everyone is interested only with two, easy share to Youtube and to Facebook, and both are within the sharing possibilities.

Sony prices keeps getting lower, see current Sony Bloggie 3D Touch discounts, and soon enough you can be opening your own cool Bloggie 3D Touch.

Get Yours Here – Sony Bloggie 3D Touch


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