Aiptek 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D HD Video camcorderRight under the nose of the industry giants like Sony or Fuji came a rather small new player and managed to rank high in the new 3D technology race.

Aiptek is an American company with bright engineers and design group that have succeeded to bring some 3D products to the front line. Aiptek 3D camcorder is a small clever and affordable new 3D camera. In this short article you can read the Aiptek 3D i2 camcorder review.

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Aiptek 3D i2 Camcorder

Aiptek 3D Camera & 3D Camcorder

Aiptek 3D Basic Specs

Lets see some of the basic specs of the Aiptek 3D camera, it is a dual mode option 2D and 3D picture capturing. This means that even if you are just beginning your journey with the 3D technology. There is a lot of use with the camera as a regular flip camera. As you can see below the camcorder has:

  • Dual HD CMOS Sensors – So each lens can capture light seperatly and produce the 3D image.
  • Built-In 3D LCD Playback Screen – This became the industry must, all 3D cameras have a 3D LCD display – The 3D effect can be seen without glasses.
  • USB and HDMI – This is an important feature – as most 3D have only HDMI connection, people who don’t want to display the 3D pictures straight to the HD tv need the USB for the PC connection and other USB devices.
  • 32GB Expandable SD Card Slot – This is also an important feature (though the card needs to be bought separately) the slot allows you to insert what ever card you choose. So you are free to use your existing card or upgrade to a better card. Other 3D cameras (like the Sony 3D Bloggie Touch) have a permanent inner memory of 8GB which for 3D may not be enough..

Deeper View To Aiptek 3D Features

The Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder gives you the power to record in eye-popping 3D. Featuring dual-HD sensors, the Aiptek 3D Camcorder captures HD video clips and HD images. The images and 3D clips you record can be later watched on any 3D HDTV. The Aiptek 3D camcorder has the rear LCD screen in which you could see and watch all your video scenes in vivid 3D without the need for the polarized 3D glasses.

Easy, One-Touch High Definition Recording in 3D
With the Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder, you can enjoy a high quality 3D video recording and also a regular 3D image and video recording. The Aiptek 3D camcorder has two 5MP sensors, and it is the sensors which make the camera performance as it is.

The Aiptek technology works like other 3D cameras. The two sensors capture two image frames one by each sensor at the same time. These frames have a resolution of 640 x 720p, when they are placed one over the other, the 3D effect is created and the outcome is a HD image (or video) which has approx’ 1280 x 720p.

The 1280 x 720p performance is slightly less than you might get by other 3D camcorders like the Sony 3D Handycam, the expensive cameras have the Full HD, or real HD, which resolution is higher.

3D Live View Display
The Aiptek camcorder has the 2.4-inch LCD screen. The LCD 3D screen allows you to see the objects you capturing and also see the on-screen display menus. Like all 3D cameras the rear screen is a Parallax Barrier technology LCD, which means you can see 3D without the need for any special 3D red-and-blue glasses. The screen has a thin sheet of special cover, which breaks the image watched into two two parallel images one for each eye.

Play Back Recording on 3D HDTVs, 3D Laptops, Computer 3D Monitors, and More
Once you have created your 3D videos, you can share them and enjoy them with the popular MP4 format. This format is popular by many digital devices, from TVs to PC and laptops. On major brand TVs you will need the Active Shutter 3D Technology to see the 3D effect, because these devices do not use the Parallax Barrier technology. The 3D glasses are sold separately, though there are many places where you get 1-2 pairs free when buying some 3D component like Blu-ray or HDTV.

With the Aiptek 3D camcorder you get a software to help you convert between the technologies, so the video clips you have produced could be seen on 3D computer monitors which use the simple 3D “Anaglyph” format. The Anaglyph  format, is the blur images where the red and blue glasses are needed to see the deep 3D effect.

For a simple no-tech 3D viewing and sharing, you can place two 3D paper images on a 3D viewer  and with the 3D red&blue glasses see the 3D pop out from the paper and the three dementional depth come true.

Upload Your 3D Videos to YouTube.

Capturing 3D images and clips may be fun, but the real excitement is when you are able to share them with family and friends! The Aiptek 3D camcorder has a one-touch ‘upload to Youtube’ button. The simple upload makes the fun of sharing any 3D video a no brainer. You just have to be ‘Steven Spielberg’ and create the clips, then send them to the cyber reality by sharing to Youtube. 

Because Youtube has a 3D channel, any one can see your 3D videos using the red and blue glasses.

Optional Portable 8-Inch 3D Display for Instant Viewing

Aiptek tries and leverage other digital products and offer the Aiptek 8-inch LCD portable 3D display as a cross sell offer to people buying the Aiptek camcorder. The portable display has a wide 8 inch LCD screen which uses the same Parallax Barrier like the camcorder LCD screen and enables a fast 3D or 2D video and image transfer between them.

With a plug of the HDMI cable you can connect between the two and upload all the 3D videos and images (or 2D content too) from the camcorder to the portable display. Then watch it all at the office or send to granny to see the family in 3D. All the content can be kept on the internal memory or by inserting SDHC cards up to 16 GB.

The portable 3D Aiptek display has a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, so the portable display would be really portable and will not have to be conneced to the wall all the time.

Compact, Easy-to-Carry Size Goes Everywhere
The Aiptek camcorder looks like a tiny cellphone and is as small as a cellphone. It l It measures just 4.6 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches. Because it is so small and easy to carry around, it will be convinient to take the 3D camcorder to any event or just on casual meetings. The small compact 3D camcorder is also a fast reaction 2D regular digital camera.

Children and women can enjoy the small function bottons, men with large palms would have to hold it more gently.

Accepts up to 32GB SDHC Cards
Unlike Sony 3D Bloggie touch or the Sony 3D Camcorder, the Aiptek 3D-HD camcorder does not use any internal memory. This has advantages, as it has some disadvantages too. The disadvantage is that the memory cards need to be bought separately and this makes the overall price slightly higher. Another disadvantage is that most people do not know which memory card to buy, and might buy a card which is not suitable to the 3D camcorder needs.

The advantage is that the camera memory can be expanded with large storage cards (32GB) and the camera can be taken into long trips without the need to empty the card to the PC or laptop. The Sony cameras will always have a storage limit and once the card is filled it must be connected to some outer storage to transfer the media and make ‘space’ for new videos and images.

If you are not sure which SDHC cards you need check these posts on 3D camera’s memory cards  16GB SDHC Memory Card or 32GB SDHC Memory Card review. To see more and get your own 3D camcorder – Click Below.

Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder



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