FinePix 3D Accessories

Fuji FinePix 3D Accessories

The Fuji FinePix W3 3D camera has a wide variety of accessories some sold separately and some are sold with the camera. The bundle of camera + accessories makes the purchase of all the components a very worthwhile bundle, which saves a lot of money.

The Fuji 3D cameras like the rest of the cameras sold online come quite bare. When the camera is unboxed from the package in most cases you will find that except from a wrist band, and a camera cover all the useful accessories are sold separately.

The memory card which is the heart & soul of the camera, are also sold separately. Camera manufacturers do not provide memory cards and each user needs to pick the best card for their camera. you can read here more about memory cards best for FujiFilm 3D camera.

Accessories You Might Like To Add To Your 3D Camera

Even if you are a regular user for the 3D camera or 2D camera, there are some accessories which family and personal users may take advantage of and assist them enjoy the camera better. The accessory kit is a saving bundle because buying each piece separately is much more expensive, and not using them means enjoying less from the 3D camera and photography fun.

The accessories bundles come in different sizes and include from 5 pieces to 8 useful gadgets. It is fair to say that you may not need all the pieces, and some are only ‘nice to have’, but even for 2-3 components the kit is worth the bundle price.

What Basic Accessory Kit For FujiFilm 3D Include

The basic accessory kit for the Fuji 3D camera includes:

  • Padded case for the camera – is is an important thing you may want to have anyway. Cameras are taken to many places in different bags and pouches. As the Fujifilm 3D camera is a sensitive digital device, you will want to protect it as much as possible. A padded camera case will protect the camera from dust, humidity, falls, scratches and other physical hazards.
  • Pack of LCD Screen Protectors – The new 3D cameras like the W3 Fuji camera and the Sony TX9 3D camera have a wide LCD screen. This 3D LCD allows 3D without glasses a thin plastic protector will keep the LCD from scratches and dust. I think this is less useful as the camera cannot be used with the plastic cover on. Soon enough it will be placed a side.
  • Mini Tripod – This is a cute piece of accessory any one would love to have. Most of us are not professional photographers and a tripod is a useful gadget that can assist take great pictures. For family shots with timer and for steady shots a tripod is fun to use.
  • Lens Cleaning Set – Wipes and duster to keep the camera safe from dust and oily stains.

The Professional Accessories Kits For FujiFilm

Fujifilm 3D Accessory KitThe advanced accessories kit for the 3D FujiFilm camera include more components and useful things which make them even more valuable and a nice bargain. Except from the accessories mentioned above, the 8-9 piece kits include:

  • 8GB SD Memory Card  – The camera without a memory card is useless. It’s like a car without an engine. Because you will have to buy a card anyway, getting it with the bundle kit, is a great way to save. Note, if you are a professional user, the 8GB card will not be enough or the card you will pick for yourself. For the rest, this card will be a great way to start.
  • SD Memory Card Reader – This is a very valuable piece and very useful too. Having a memory card means you will need a card reader anyway to download the images and videos to your computer. Look for starter kits that has these two included.
  • Klic-7004 Extended Long-Life Lithium Battery – A second battery allow the camera preform for longer time between charging. If you are on vacation and do not want to see the ‘battery weak’ flashing on the screen, having another battery is a lifesaver.

FujiFilm 3D Camera Accessory Kit Conclusion

Professional photographers need their exact memory speed class card, and these kits are not recommended for them, the pros need to search and buy the accessories one by one to make sure they fit their need.

For most of the regular users the 8-9 piece kit will be the best way to fully enjoy the Fujifilm camera. Regular people need a simple memory card and card reader and a spare battery.

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