Panasonic HDC High Definition 3D Camcorder

Panasonic HDC 3D Camcorder Review

The first 3D camcorder that was presented to the customers, the HDC 3D by Panasonic, is a camcorder not intended for everyone. The HDC 3D Panasonic camcorder, was an innovative camcorder but was left behind by the new 3D cameras which where launched later on. The Sony 3D handycam was released at mid 2011 has set new standards the Panasonic just can’t meet.

Panasonic 3D Camcorder’s Price Axed

(Updated 5/2011) The list price at January was $1399 for this 3D camcorder. Then the price was chopped for $1000, because the 3D camera niche recived a wake up call when Sony, Fuji and Aiptek released each a 3D camera into the market, and the panasonic monopole was taken down.

When the competition rises the prices get chopped again, and the Panasonic 3D series of camcorders had to lower their price to compete with the other 3D camcorders which popularity grew.

The price is now $749!!
Which is 46% discount from the list price!


So the same great 3D camcorders by Panasonic are now sold for close to 50% discount, while the features stay as they where!

Panasonic 3D Camcorder Features

  • New Technology – There is something exciting knowing that you own a revolutionary technology, because the Panasonic 3D Camcorder is the world’s first 3D Shooting Camcorder. There are some other 3D camcorders today, like the Aiptek 3D (which is a flip 3D camera) and the Sony HDR-TD10 Camcorder price range of $1499.
  • Clear HD recording and playback – Unlike the small flip cameras the Panasonic  has a Full HD 1080/60p shooting resolution, with Progressive Movie Recording. This means the camera digital lines are created and played one after the other, so the picture is clearer to view with less flickering.
  • Advanced 3MOS System – The advance 3MOS system allows the camcorder to capture the double images created with the 3D conversion lens. The lens divide the frames into the sensitive sensor which capture the frames in 3D. The 3MOS sensors are one of the most reliable camera sensor known worldwide.
  • High Quality 2D images and movies – While most of us buy a 3D camera for capturing life in 3D, most of us will want to record 2D images and 2D movie clips. With the Panasonic SDT750 camcorder – You get one of the best camcorders for 2D recording! Easy to produce and share later on HDTVs and other display option.
  • New Intelligent 18x Zoom – One of the useful features in a camera is the zoom. The optical zoom and the digital zoom both allow us to record scenes which happen far a way. So if you are your child graduation or at a Safari in Africa, the Panasonic x18 zoom will be the best 3D camcorder to record that moment.

First 3D Camcorder with 3D Conversion Lens

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder, is using 3D conversion lens mounted at the front of the camcorder. The Panasonic 3D conversion lens has two ‘eyes’ that pass the light into the 3MOS sensors, there the two frames of the same image are written to the memory and a 3D image is recorded.

The Sony 3D camcorder is one of the new models of 3D camcorders which where designed as 3D camcorders and the conversion lens is a 3D built in lens. Unlike the Sony new 3D camcorders, the Panasonic 3D camcorders are 2D camcorders with a 3D lens that needs to be attached.

This can be useful when the Panasonic 2D video shooting is done, and when you plan a 3D shooting, the conversion lens can be attached. In each case the Panasonic is at it’s best, while shooting regularly or 3D, the right lens makes the video capturing clear.

Capture and View Important Scenes in 3D.

One of the great advantages of the Panasonic 3D HDC-SDT750 is that it is very easy to capture 3D scenes with the camcorder. Just click in the conversion lens, and the left and right frames will be recorded. To view your 3D images, connect the Panasonic 3D HDC-SDT750 camcorder to any side-by-side 3D HDTV with a HDMI cable and you can enjoy a smooth clear 3D movie at the comfort of your own home.

Panasonic 3D  HDC-SDT750 Camcorder Conclusion

Some prefer the dual possibilities to switch from 2D to 3D, and for them the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D camcorder is a better option. Since the price is nearly 50% off and the camcorder is 100% tech advanced, the Panasonic may be many people’s first choice.

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