Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Camera Review

Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 Waterproof Camera

Technical Details Just So You Know

  • You can try to destroy your Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 , but find out it is certified waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freeze-proof. So if the north pole is your thing, or you are an extreme biker or a pool party girl, the TX10 will be with you for a long time.
  • For the convenience of the user, there is a 3.0 touch screen. The Sony 3.0 touch screen is fun and intuitive, a wide screen makes the camera ready for use even if you are in motion, which is exactly what this camera is made for.
  • Like all the Sony series today, Cyber-Shot TX10 is a Full HD 1080/60i ! So once you record your scenes you get them at the highest resolution possible. They will be Full HD for your HDTV and other HD home electronics.
  • The waterproof camera has dual record possibilities of stills and movies, with easy control at the 3.0 touch screen.
  • Because this camera was designed for the extreme, Sony has included some of the best features and innovation solutions, to help you get the best pictures, even at the worst conditions. With a 16.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, you can expect great results even with low-light performance, which usually ruins other photos results.
  • And the ‘cherry on top’ the 3D function! Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 3D has the 3D Sweep Panorama. You swing the camera sideways and capture a scene in 3D, great for real 3D memories!

 The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 camera lets you live your life as you believe you should! This stylish and innovative Sony DSC-TX10 camera will fit perfectly into your active life. Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, freeze-proof, HD movies, 3D photos, Sweep Panorama, and a touch screen, this powerful tool follows you to the edge and proves you were there.

Sony DSC-TX10 Feature Highlights

Sony tx10 Waterproof 3D cameraThere are so many features to review it might be difficult to choose which feature to review first. I think the main thing that catches the eyes is the bright beautiful colors of the Sony TX10, because lets face it, with all the tech stuff and the high resolution count, most of us can not make the difference between 10 mega-pixel and 14 mega-pixel. Well we all want the 14 mega, but if there would have been a mishap at the assembly line, we actually would not have noticed..

But the bright happy colors is something we wouldn’t miss. If we order a bright red 3D camera, and get a bright blue Sony, we will definitely know! The Sony colorful camera spectrum is one of the best features! The tech specs inside are the best you can expect from a 3D camera which is ‘dumb-use-proof’.

Tech Stuff You Get With The Sony TX10

Sony 3D sweep mode panoramaiSweep Panorama – This may be the ‘extra mile’ why to purchase this product over regular cameras with similar features. Our Sony TX10 3D review gives two thumbs up. The sweep panorama mode is a cool feature, where you just glide horizontally the Sony TX camera and get a panoramic 3D scene. If you are at a party or at a beautiful spot on earth, sweep it into the camera memory, and you can show it later as a 3D clip!

3D Screen – Your 3D clip will be saved as 3D and you can replay it and watch it 3D at the 3 inch screen. You do not need any 3D glasses to see the clip in 3D dimension, as the screen is a special ‘no glasses screen’ which manufacturers have not yet managed to create at large scales! Other wise it would be the perfect 3D HDTV with no glasses.

High speed shooting – If you are an ordinary guy or girl, who rarely get to the extreme and never think you will need a camera which is water proof, dust proof or freeze proof. Then I would recommend the Sony Cyber Shot TX9 3D model. It has similar specs, but it is not anything ‘proof’… Just a great camera for great people.

For the people who may need a waterproof 3d camera , dust proof, shock proof and freeze proof camera, the high speed shooting is one of the best features. I have seen youtube scenes of crazy dudes riding downhill mountains at high speeds, or recording a long ski slalom with a camera. For those people where the scenery flies by, the extra Sony 3D waterproof camera fast shooting is a way to capture the excitement.

Sweep Multi Angle Mode – Just like the sweep panorama, the multi angle is a cool way to capture your extreme action in 3D! The camera has small gyro inside and with a long press of the record button, it will capture any angle of frames as a long series of frames that are later produced as a 3D video clip.

Cyber-shot DSC-TX10 Review Conclusion

So you can do bungee jumping, base jumping, fly of buildings or planes.. do kayaking, surfing, shark swimming, adventure expeditions and capture it all to share later. by the way, sharing is easy with the Sony TX10 like all the Sony cameras, the special sharing software makes the quick upload to all major websites a piece of cake.

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 There are many colors of Sony TX to pick from, here below you will find the links to get the full info page on each of the cameras. Well they are all the sit, iit is just the color thadifferentfernt. So you can be cool and colorful too 🙂

Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 Waterproof – Black (There is not much to describe a ‘black’ 3D camera, it is the default color when I think of a camera to buy my parents. If I would be looking for a camera for any one below 40 years, I would go for the bright tones below)

Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 Waterproof – Green . They call it ‘green’ but at the color is somewhere between golden and green with a touch of yellow, so if you are a green-peace fan, or a Boston Celtics and expect a green cover camera, I think it might not be the color you would expect..

Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 Waterproof – Blue. If you are a snow person or a dolphin (sea person) than this blue camera may be the one to choose. It is more unique than the red 3D camera or the black camera as the blue has a sophisticated image to it.

Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 Waterproof Camera – Pink . Pink is a say, pink is girly and cool too. So if the camera is for some girl with style, and a stylish girl can not pull a black camera to shoot her friends.. it must be pink!

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3 thoughts on “Sony Cyber-Shot TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Camera Review

  1. I just bought a TX10 and I think it’s great. I like the touch screen display at the back but I’m not sure it’s 3D capable like you say. If I take a 3D panorama and play it back on the camera, it does so in 2D and if I take a 3D photo it displays it in 2D. If I try to view the picture full-screen it tells me to connect to a 3D TV.

  2. I’ve played around with the modes and found the ‘sweep multi angle’ mode which, when played back gives the impression of 3D but it is actually a series of multi-angle shots shown in sequence to give the impression of 3D. It still has a standard 2D screen. Definitely not a high tec ‘no glasses’ 3D screen like you say. Looks like you just read the Sony product page and got sucked in by marketing spiel.

  3. The Sony tx10 3D screen LCD is using a parallax barrier, this is a thin sheet placed in front of the LCD screen.
    The parallax barrier allows to show a stereoscopic image (aka 3D) without the need for the viewer to wear 3D glasses.
    The parallax barrier consists of a layer of material with a series of precision slits, allowing each eye to see a different set of pixels, so creating a sense of depth through parallax in an effect similar to what lenticular printing produces.
    There are two known disadvantages:
    1. Is that the viewer must be positioned in front of the screen to experience the full 3D effect.
    2. Is that the effective horizontal pixel count viewable for each eye is reduced by one half. So full-HD 1920 will be seen in HD ready 960 pixels, which most viewers rarely notice the difference.
    The same screen can be seen at Fuji w3, Aiptek i2, Sony tx9 and all the rest of the 3D cameras manufactured today.
    The HDTV manufacturers have not yet managed to create a large parallax barrier screen. I think Toshiba managed to create a parallax barrier of 20 inch, though it can not replace the current active 3D screens because of these two issues.

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