Watch 3D Movies and Games in HDTV

If you want to watch 3D at home, you will need to buy a 3D-capable display. There’s no way around it.
These displays usually have a higher processing power than older models, as they need to display one image for each eye to create a 3D effect.

Before you buy 3D television check if your current TV set has a 3D ready?

3D HDTV manufacturers say that older models will not be capable of displaying 3D technology because of the specs needed to create 3D. You will need to buy a 3D-HDTV capable display (HDTV, 3D monitor, or laptop) to enjoy watching 3D at home.

If you are not sure about buying 3D HDTV, read the article ‘Why NOT to buy 3D HDTV… Yet’. There can be a number of reasons and if the time is not right for you yet, hod on for a few month, the 3D category is getting red-hot with the LG and Samsung fighting over the next technology, and preparing to release a 3D HDTV without glasses. 

Remember that when you buy a 3D TV, you need more electronics to really view 3D at home, you will need 3D Blu-ray and HDMI cables and 3D Blu-ray disks or cable channel.

3D HDTVs Plasma LCD or LED
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