Cheap 3D Camcorder Review

Buying a Cheap 3D Video Camcorder

It is amazing to think that just a year back, just thinking of 3D camcorders was like a futuristic dream, not to mention cheap 3D camcorders. The only 3D cameras you may have seen online were the clumsy looking stereo 3D cameras producing 2 still frames you then needed to place under a special 3D viewer, or with the 3d glasses to see a 3D image.

The best part is the fact that the 3D camcorders can be cheap, but not junk. In most cases they are thrilling with top niche technology, letting the customer enjoy very good performance and best money for value results. Before you rush to buy any 3d video camera, read this cheap 3D camcorders review and you might save some cash on your up coming purchase.

Low Budget Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Camera

This Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Camera is based on the very popular platform of the Sony Bloggie Touch Camera! This 3D version has two lenses at the front making this camera the ability to shoot real 3D movies and capture 3d still photos. With the Sony 3D Bloggie camera you can capture up to 4 hours of 3D video !! WOW !

There is no doubt that Sony knows how to make stylish 3D digital cameras, if the Sony 3D bloggie camera had legs it could have walked on the catwalk! It is the most beautiful 3d camera to pull out from the pocket in a sleek move. 

The funny thing is that this camera is so ‘schik’ that the amount of HD resolution (1920x1080p MP4 HD video) and the mega-pixel (5MP for still images), is not the reason to get this camera. Nor is the fact that the Sony 3D Bloggie has a 3D screen 2.4″ LCD, with direct viewing ‘no need for 3D glasses’. You probably do not really care about the rotating record/playback touch screen…  or the fact you can easily share your 3D videos and images on popular internet sharing sites, like Facebook, YouTube. There are plenty of more stuff in this camera you probably do not care about… except…

Click below and you can own this sleek stylish Sony 3D camera, for less than $280 !




Cheap Aiptek 3D Video Camcorder

It was just about the first 3D camcorder a person could buy for less than $300, giving very high value for money to anyone who seeks a cheap 3D camcorder, with all the 3D thrill and 3D excitement, at a low budget price. It seems the Aiptek marketing people decided to launch this 3D camcorder at a low price to capture their piece of the market, of the mid-low price range.

The Aiptek 3D camcorderhas two lenses placed at the front panel, able to capture 3D video and 3D still images. Unlike the Sony 3D Bloggie with the 8 GB internal memory, the Aiptek 3D-HD has no internal storage and supports SDHC cards up to 32GB for plenty of recording. This can be an advantage as you are not framed into a 8GB memory and can use the most popular 16GB Class 10 memory card, which is the best seller for the 3D cameras.

Surprisingly enough you will find that this low budget Aiptek 3D camcorder, has similar features like the Sony 3D cameras and the leading Fuji 3D cameras. These leading brands (Sony & Fujifilm) both cost nearly double, while the main features are quite similar.

Of course Sony and Fujifilm have better capabilities when compared 1:1, better resolution HD video and superior sensors. But since the ‘I have More Mega-Pixel’ race will never end, and most of us do not need a Hubbel Telescope lenses and sensors, the  Aiptek 3D camcorder is a useful friendly fun 3D video camcorder, anyone will love to have.

Hey.. you can buy Aiptek 3D camcorder for a freaking (!) low price of $199 !! (or less)


There are other brands that have even cheaper 3D camcorders online, but those 3D cameras got really bad customer reviews, that you would probably prefer to invest $20 more and get the Aiptek 3D camera, or spoil yourself or someone you love, and get the Sony 3D Touch Bloggie camera adding a little more.


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