Check These Dirty Cheap 3D Cameras

Finding Cheap 3D Cameras Online

Low Budget Cheap 3D CamerasWhen you search for cheap 3D camera, you may be looking for really cheap 3D cameras for kids.. or cheap digital 3D cameras for the family. Buying a low budget 3D camera does not mean you are wasting your money on a bad camera. It will probably mean you will be buying a gargain discount 3D camera with less features and less Hi-Tech gadgets inside it, and probably from a brand name which most people will not recognize.

Expensive 3D Cameras & 3D Video Camcorders

Panasonic 3D Camcorder ReviewBefore we review the cheap 3D cameras on the market today, lets ask: What is cheap? So the first parameter is that the cameras should be below $1000. This rules out all the fancy 3D camcorders which are not cheap. The premium 3D camcorders are Sony HD 3D Camcorder and the Panasonic 3D Line of camcorders, each of these can be well over $1000!

Mid Price 3D Cameras (Not Cheap & Not Expensive)

There is a second level which is around $300-$500 those are the most common 3D cameras sold online, they are the bestsellers! And are the spear head of the current 3D cameras trend. Cameras in this category will be from the best known manufacturers (Sony, Fujifilm and soon some more). For some buying online a 3D camera for $350 is fine. But when you search for “cheap 3D digital cameras”, you probably didn’t think of $350 camera..

  1. Fujifilm W3 3D Camera
  2. Sony TX9 3D Camera
  3. Sony Bloggie 3D Touch

Cheap 3D Digital Cameras

This is what you were looking for – Cheap 3D cameras. In this section you can read on 3D cameras that are sold for less than $200. As said before it does not mean they are not good, just that they are cheap.

You can review the Inlife Easy 820 HD 3D digital stereo camera, it is a very nice 3D camera with dual lenses and 3D picture shooting and 2D picture and video modes. The Inlife Easy 3D stereo digital camera is a new Chinese 3D player at the 3D cameras category, with more 3D video players and 3D video camcorders, not all of them sold yet through Amazon.

The Inlife Easy 3D 820 HD camera is sold at a mid price, (about $250) lower than the Japanese branded cameras, and higher from the cheaper Aiptek 3D camera or the Viewsonic 3D camera.

Cheap 3D cameras – Under $200

Aiptek i2 HD 3D Camcorder

In this section you will find the Aiptek 3D camera ($199). This cheap 3D camera could have been sold for $300 or more if the brand name was some fancy well known Japanese brand name. But this piece of Hi-Tech is packed with features and 3D possibilities, the Aiptek 3D HD i2 camcorder is a Hi-Definition 3D camcorder! This cheap Aiptek 3D camera is held like a cell phone, and the pictures are taken upright like you would do with your phone. 

With this Aiptek cheap camera you will be able to create stunning 3D images at high resolution to playback or share when ever you like. The Aiptek is using two HD 5MP sensors, one for each lens, through which it captures two frames and produces crystal clear 3D videos and photos. The sensor resolution on each lens is of 640 x 720p (which is lower than the top niche expensive cameras which have 16 mega-pixel) when the two images are overlapped the image or video resolution is close to 1280 x 720p.

This is the best value for money as except for the rather ‘unknown’ brand name – This is a major league 3D camera sold cheaper than the rest. There is a simple loophole to buy the Aiptek from Amazon at $50 less than the price you see at the product’s page, click HERE to learn how.

See more about this camera, price and features  – Aiptek 3D HD i2 Camcorder.

ViewSonic 3D Camera Is Under $200 Too

The Viewsonic 3D camera is also one of the cheapest 3D cameras you can find. But most of the customer reviews gave this 3D camera a low star grade (unlike the Aiptek which gets better reviews). User write about grainy videos, poor audio and low quality overall experience, it might be a not so successful product launch by Viewsonic, which is a major player at the 3D HD projectors segment. So if you choose to get this camera, make sure you read the customer reviews to know what to expect and not be disappointed.

The Viewsonic 3D camera has all the basic features needed, two sensors 5 mega-pixel each, a 3D no glasses LCD screen, and the quick sharing modes for Youtube and Facebook. The Viewsonic can take regular 2 dimensional pictures and clips and be connected to other portable devices and laptops for files transfer with a USB or HDMI cable.


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