EASY 3D HD 820 Digital Stereo Camera

New HD Easy 3D Digital Camera

As the 3D cameras storms into our life, there is a new and surprising player to the 3D cameras manufacturers. Meet: Inlife.

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Who Is Inlife 3D Company 

Inlife is a Chinese Company with 3D R&D activities from 2005, the company is the only one who has mass production in 3D imaging and vision industry with self-owned intellectual property in China. 3D Inlife has 9 patents registered on several innovations patents regarding 3D viewing and capturing.

Inlife Easy 3D HD 820 Stereo Camera

The new 3D HD camera Inlife releases and sells in the USA and around the world through Amazon, is the Easy 820 3D Digital Camera. The 3D Easy Camera is a point and shoot 3D camera, competing with the Japanese brands Sony 3D TX9 and the Fujifilm Finepix W3, and the US made Aiptek 3D i2 camcorder and the Viewsonic 3D Camera.

As far as technical specifications the 3D Easy HD camera has some of the regular 3D cameras standard:

  • Dual Lens and two Sensors– This means the Inlife Easy 3D Digital Camera, has two sensors to capture true 3D depth perspective. The dual lenses are set a few inches from one another so they get a human like perspective when capturing 3D.
  • 2D/3D switchable – Not all the time you wish to use the Easy 820 HD camera as 3D, so with an comfortable switch the camera become more easy to handle at casual events.
  • Stylish and Slim Design
  • 2.8¡± 3D Screen – The LCD screen is a LR type, parallax barrier. This means you can watch 3D on the LCD panel without the use of 3D glasses. The images you just caught will just pop out thanks to the parallax barrier  rules of physics.
  • Support Side by Side format– This is the most common format for 3D pictures, this means the Inlife Easy HD digital camera, places the 2D frames side by side and adjusts them to the screen for 3D display.
  • 1280*720 HD AVI format –  This is HD format resolution all HD TV can support. This means the picture is created on the HD TV by 720 lines from top to bottom.
  • 12 mega pixels – The max pixel resolution for the camera. Here is reference to the image size per Mega-Pixel.
    12M 4000X3000
    8M 3264X2448
    5M 2592X1944
    3M 2048X1536
    1M 1024X768
  • HDMI output– This is new standard for high speed data transfer that all 3D cameras need for a quick plug and play at other HDMI displays as the 3D HD TV and other 3D displays.
  • Memory– The Easy 3D Inlife has an internal memory (not for storage) and can support SD/MMC Card(UP to 32GB). Except the Sony 3D Bloggie camera that has an internal Flash memory of 8GB, all the 3D cameras at this category have up to external 32GB memory ready.

Easy Inlife 3D HD Stereo Camera

This new 3D player makes the 3D camera category gets more competitive, and this is great news for us, the customers. The Easy 3D HD 820 camera is sold for about $250 placing it as the budget sulotion of simple home use 3D camera.

If you are shopping for 3D cameras you can find that branded 3D cameras (Sony or Fujifilm) that come with little more tech features are sold for $300-$350. There are some 3D cameras sold for less like the Aiptek 3D and Viewsonic 3D that are sold around $150-$170. For people who wish to hold a fine 3D camera, at a medium budget, and those who can settle with a new brand, this Easy Inlife 3D 820 HD camera can be a solution

 Buy this 3D Camera at Amazon, see price and shipping details

Easy Chinese 3D Camera


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