FinePix 3D Camera Accessory Kits Review

W3 3D Camera Accessory Kits

In this FinePix 3D Camera Accessory Kits Review you can read what accessories are included in each kit, and what to expect when you order the W3 camera kits home. There are several kind of kits each including different accessories. As you will see in this accessory kit review buying the accessories kits is very wise. In this review of W3 Camera accessories you will find which kit has the for best value for money for your need.

Remember that the W3 FinePix 3D camera comes without a memory card, which you will need to buy anyway. If the camera is bought as a gift or for international customers they will need a worldwide AC/DC charger. So in this review of the W3 camera accessory kits there are offers to other stuff you may need to buy anyway.  We hope this review of the kits will help you make the best out of your new 3D finePix camera.

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Battery Kit For The Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera

Kit Includes:
♦ 1) Vidpro – Hi-Capacity Lithium Ion Battery – BP-NP50 For Kodak KLIC 7004, Pentax DLI-68
♦ 2) Zeikos – Deluxe Universal 5″ LCD Screen Protectors
♦ 3) ButterflyPhoto – ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Our kit’s review: This is the smallest FinePix Kit, For those planning to take the 3D camera on longer trips or to outdoor to wild nature where the battery charger is useless, this kit is a lifesaver! 

If you know you will have more than a days trip, this kit can be of great value. No battery.. No pictures..

Buy OnlineThe W3 Camera Battery Kit


Fuji Film FinePix Real 3D W3 Essentials Accessory Kit

Kit includes:

  • Stylish, all-leather envelope camera case for ultimate camera protection
  • 6-foot standard-to-mini HDMI 1.4 cable to enhance big-screen viewing on 3D HDTVs; utilizes the W3’s convenient plug-and-play functionality
  • 5 free 3D lenticular prints from; customer will be responsible for applicable sales tax and shipping

Our accessory kit review: The most important in the kit is the HDMI cable, since once you shoot some 3D pictures and 3D video clips, you probably would like to transfer them straight to the 3D HDTV. The HDMI is the current standard for these HD file transfers. The camera case is useful too, for those traveling and going to the outdoor nature trips, the 3D camera is sensitive enough to be held in a protection case. 

Buy OnlineFinePix Real 3D W3 Essentials Accessory Kit


Best Value Accessory Kit Package For Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3

This kit Includes:

  • 16GB High Speed Error Free Memory Card
  • Secure Digital SD Card Reader
  • Specific Slim Hard Carrying Case
  • Professional Flexible Gripster Mini Tripod
  • Fujifilm NP-50 (NP50) Extended Life Replacement Battery Pack
  • 1 Hour Ac/DC Battery Charger 110/220V For Worldwide Use
  • 5 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit
  • LCD Screen Protectors
  • Sunset Electronics Cleaning Cloth

W3 camera Accessory kit review: This is really a great value kit! The W3 Digital camera comes without any memory card, so once you have this kit, you can just plug the 16GB SD card and start using the camera. This kit gives you also a secure SD card reader so you can download all the pictures to your display device or home computer.

Three other useful accessories are: 1. The flexible mini tripod, for those who wish to get crystal clear shots, a tripod can help you shoot very steadily and get very good pictures! 2. The extra battery for those who go outdoor and need extra battery power without recharging. 3. And the 1 hour battery charger for worldwide 110/220V use. Any one who is planning on traveling to outside the USA or plans to send the W3 Finepix Digital Camera as a gift outside the US, will need this adaptor.

All the rest of the pieces are ‘nice to have’ but it’s those three above that makes this kit very useful to added to the W3 FinePix 3D camera.

Note! The SD cards are not the best option for getting the most out of your new W3 Fujifilm Digital Camera, see the article “Which Memory Card To Buy For Fujifilm W3 3D Camera” and the article “Which 3D Camera Memory Cards To Buy?“, to learn more on the SD and SDHC cards. 

Buy Online – Best Value Accessory Kit Package For Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3


W3 FinePix 3D Camera 6 Essentials Accessories Kit

 Kit Includes:
♦ 1) Digital Film – Digital Film 32GB (SDHC) 150X SD Memory Card
♦ 2) Vidpro – Ac/Dc Rapid Travel Charger For Fuji BP-NP50 For Kodak KLIC 7004, Pentax DLI-68
♦ 3) Xtreme – (6FT) HDMI Male to Mini HDMI (Type C)
♦ 4) Vidpro – Hi-Capacity Lithium Ion Battery – BP-NP50 For Kodak KLIC 7004, Pentax DLI-68
♦ 5) Bower – Digital Camera & Camcorders Screen Protectors
♦ 6) Sakar – Mini Tripod

Our review of the W3 accessory kit: This is the one of the best kits from all the W3 Camera kits reviewed. The SD Memory Card is 32GB, which can store large amounts of pictures and video clips. The W3 3D camera does not come with any card, so if you wish to unpack it and start using it, you will need a memory card od some kind. And as part of the kit, a 32GB card is a large volume storage card. See the articles “Which Memory Card To Buy For Fujifilm W3 3D Camera” and the article “Which 3D Camera Memory Cards To Buy?“, to learn more on the SD and SDHC cards. 

The HDMI cable is also a must since it’s the standard cable for downloading HD movies and 3D movies straight to the 3D HDTVs.

The Ac/Dc Rapid Travel Charger – Is a must too, if you want to use the camera outside the US, either as a tourist or if you send it as a gift.

The Extra Battery, the Tripod and the Screen Protectors are ‘nice to have’ and are value accessories gadgets to complete this kit of W3 Camera.

Buy Online – W3 FinePix 3D Camera 6 Essentials Accessories Kit


W3 Camera 25 PC Ultimate Super Savings Delux

Kit Includes:
* 1) Deluxe Camera Case – Protect your valuable camera investment
* 2) 4GB SecureDigital Card – Take more pictures faster with this Memory Card
* 3) High Speed USB 2.0 SecureDigital Card Reader – Transfer files easily and quickly
* 4) Universal Screen Protectors – These reduce glare, enhance view, prevent scratching
* 5) Full Size 57 Inch Tripod – Tripod with Carrying Case: lightweight and sturdy
* 6,7,8,9,10) Deluxe 5 -Piece Cleaning Kit – This contains cleaning tissues, lens cloth, cleaning solution, blower brush, cotton swabs
* 11) Memory Card Wallet – Keep multiple memory cards protected and organized
* 12) Digital Slave Flash – Stylish, Compact Design, Includes Flash Bracket
* 13) High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery – A spare rechargeable battery is an essential accessory. No power, no pictures!
* 14)AC/DC Rapid Battery Charger – This plugs directly in to your wall outlet or your car cigarette lighter and charges your battery in approximately 60 minutes
* 15) Lenspen Cleaning System – With This you can clean hard to get to spots on your lens
* 16) Microfiber Cloth – Eliminate dust and smudges
* 17) ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Software – Recover lost or deleted images from your memory cards
* 18,19) SD Card Slot Cleaner (includes 2 cleaners) – This cleans and polishes inside the connectors of the camera’s internal reader
* 20) Flexible Tabletop Mini Tripod – Do not be the invisible person in your family photo album!
* 21) Hurricane Air Blower – This should always be the first step in cleaning your photo equipment
* 22) Lens Cap Keeper – Never lose your cap again!
* 23) Endust Compressed Air Duster Spray
* 24) Deluxe Neck Strap
* 25) BONUS!! Free 25 Quality Prints (Promo code # on invoice)

Our review of the 25 pc accessory kit: As far as this W3 Digital Camera Accessory Review some are a real bargain and make buying this kit very worthy! Other parts are small ‘nice to have’ that are there just to ‘inflate’ the amount of pieces that are included.

These are the best parts making this kit in our review the best value for money kit:

The Full Size 57 Inch Tripod! This helps making the best pictures most stable movie clips, if you haven’t used a tripod before you will discover its one of the gadgets that can turn a medium photographer to a professional one! The kit has also spare battery and a worldwide charger, both valuable for enjoying the W3 Digital camera where ever you go. Another valuable piece here is the ImageRecall Digital Image Recovery Software, losing an image taken at a special event is priceless. If this software stands up to the expectations it alone is worth the whole kits price. A flash for night or low light pictures!

Buy Online – W3 Camera 25 PC Ultimate Super Savings Delux


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