How The Fuji 3D W3 Camera Price Was Axed

Fujifilm FinePix 3D W3 Digital Camera Price

Fuji W3 3D Digital Camera PriceLike all the digital 3D cameras, the Fujifilm 3D W3 Digital Camera price has dropped steeply since it was launched. At the end of 2010 the 3D cameras where a gadget that people did not know how to handle, the 3D cameras were some kind of tech-camera for tech people and not much of consumer electronics.

The first 3D camera that Fujifilm launched was the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 Digital Camera. The Fujifilm W1 was the first mass market consumer 3D camera sold, the Fujifilm 3D W1 Camera price was $999. At this price though sold at retailers sites, the W1 was totally un-affordable, and with no relevant 3D displays and TVs there was no real use for such expensive 3D camera.

The 3D Cameras Launch At 2011 CES

In the beginning of 2011 there was the big consumer electronic show in Las Vegas, the CES 2011. In this show the 3D technology leaped into the front row, suddenly it seemed that every major player in the consumer electronics business had 3D ‘something’ to show. The 3D HDTVs where displayed from the biggest brand names: Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera, Samsung LCD and LED, Toshiba 240 Hz Cinema Series and more.. The new flat screen 3D was made the new standard and the new 3D active glasses where announced.

All the camera giants released new 3D cameras and 3D technology statements, it seemed that the 3D is here to stay.

The 3D Cameras Price Drop

While until the CES 2011 the only 3D cameras where the W1 and the Panasonic 3D camcorder HD which was sold for over $1300, and was a camera for professional cameramen and not really for the common people. Since the CES show more and more 3D cameras were released to the market.

Nearly all of the 3D cameras where HD (Full HD or HD Ready) from the leading brands. The best selling 3D camera was the Fuji W3 which was released at the list price of $599. This price did not hold too long, because soon Sony launched the TX9 3D camera, and the waterprooff TX10 with 3D and Aiptek released a cheap 3D i2 camera too, the Aiptek 3d has a price lower than Fuji and Sony and gives a ‘best buy’ feeling for those seeking simple 3d camera.

Fujifilm had to lower its FinePix W3 price to keep acompetitivee position not to lose market share to the other 3D players. The list price was erased and the Fuji Real Finepix 3D camera, is sold now for $399. This price is still higher at the 3D digital camera category, higher than the Sony 3D camera TX9 and the Sony 3D Bloggie camera, both sold for less than $300.

Fuji knows why it is selling for more, the Fuji W3 3D digital camera is superior, and gives better 3D value than the Sony cameras (which 3D is only for the Panoramic effect), the higher pricing might help Fuji maintain the brand name, and not diving into price wars with Aiptek and Sony.

 Amazon is selling used Fujifilm 3D W3 cameras for the low price of $325 or $350 too, there is also a Fujifilm W3 3D camera price of $260! These cameras are ‘used’, so they are like new, for some of them the box was opened and the camera have been used and returned in the original box. They will not be good for a Cristmass present, but for anyone who wants a 3D camera at a low price, this might be a great deal.

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