FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 Viewer Review

FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 Viewer


Share and watch 3D Images with Fujifilm V1 Portable Display Viewer

Just until recently if you wanted to watch any 3D image or clip, you had to have a 3D HDTV which costs hundred or thousands of dollars. But except 3D at home, people do not buy 3D TV sets to the office or as a present to close family or friends.

All this cannow change, with the sleek design and advance technology of the new Fuji V1 Viewer. The main advantage of this Fuji 3D portable display screen, is that it can be used without the special 3d glasses! Just like other portable display systems it will show regular 2D photos and video clips, but unlike any other portable display, it can show 3D video clips as well!

What is 3D View – Parallax Barrier System

People can see 3D images because the brain takes two different images (one from each eye) and combines them together to one 3D image – this what makes our 3D ability to perceive depth. This phenomenon is called parallax.

The FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 portable Viewer has the same LCD technology screen as in the Fuji W3 3D digital camera. The V1 portable 3D display, splits the image it shows into two separate viewing ‘channels’ one for each eye. This “Parallax Barrier System” is actualy a thin layer on top of the LCD screen, the thin layer splits the image light waves to to each eye, so each eyes gets the image recorded from a different lens. Together the two images at the brain turn into a 3D image or video effect.

No Need For 3D Glasses To View 3D

 You will be able to see full depth 3D with the FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 Viewer. So if you send such a portable 3D viewer to grandma’ she too could see all the 3D depth effects without the use of the 3D passive glasses. This means that anyone (!) who watches the screen will see your 3D pictures jump out!

What To Expect When Buying The V1 3D Display

There are some downsides to this V1 digital display viewer, like the fact that the 3D effect can be seen only from a certain angle in-front of the 3D digital display. So if it is placed on a desk, the 3D images and videos will be vivid to the person sitting in front of it. If it is placed on a wall, the 3D effect will not be seen from any place in the room except from right in front of the LCD screen.

Another downside is that the portable display does not support active 3D viewing, so except being a viewer for 3D cameras, it can not be used for watching 3D disks and 3D movies with a 3D blu-ray disk player. So for those who thought they would be buy this as a ‘cheap’ 3D Tv screen, they need to keep on looking.

FujiFilm FinePix REAL 3D V1 Viewer Features

Fuji V1 Portable 3D Viewer Interface

In this FujiFilm 3D V1 Viewer you will see up to 20 different slideshow templates or watch playback of movie with recorded stereo audio.

If your camera or computer files are just like everybody else, soon enough there are so many files and folders managing through them is not a simple task.

This V1 3D portable display viewer helps customers with an easy management and navigation functions. Once your files and folders are organized and accessible in moments, you can enjoy what you see and find the specific photo you search for.

One way the FujiFilm 3D V1 Viewer, helps you manage all the 3D (or 2D) content is by a Micro Thumbnail select tool showing 5 or 9 frames at at a time.

The Fuji 3D digital portable viewer displays high resolution images and clips. The viewer is fun to play with thanks to the popular touch bar and navigation touch functions. Slide the pictures from side to side, using your fingers as if it was a tablet PC or an iPhone screen.

Fuji V1 Viewer File Transfer

It is known fact that 3D images and clips are quite large files, which are difficult to transfer. The FujiFilm 3D V1 Viewer has a HDMI connection and a SDHC slot, so uploading files or moving images to another device was never easier than this. On top of this the digital 3D display has a simple remote that control the device from across the room. There is also an wireless infrared connectivity for smooth fast data transfer.

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