How To Take 3D Pictures With iPhone

Taking 3D Pictures With Your iPhone

Poppy 3D - Turn your iPhone into a 3D cameraWhat can be more exciting than taking 3D pictures with your iPhone? A few years back the first 3D cameras were released, They came before their time, and most of the TV screens were not ready for viewing 3D videos or watching 3D images. Even Youtube had a special 3D video channel for a while, but that didn’t manage to become a mainstream channel.

The new iPhone had smashed all the interest in the 3D technology, and except for fun children’s blu-ray 3D videos like Jaws, or deep ocean documentaries, it seems the 3D was forgotten.

But it was left behind, only until the first 3D gadgets for smartphones brought the 3D fun back from the dead. Sony and Fuji competed on the 3D markets for personal cameras. But except for photographic enthusiasts, this trend did not manage to reach mass markets.

Turning An iPhone To 3D Camera

How To Take 3D pictures with IphoneBut 3D is fun, and iPhones are fun, and it was just a matter of time, until these two will have a dance. One new gadget may be on the dance floor, dancing tango with an iPhone and 3D photography. That’s the 3D Poppy!

The Poppy, is a device with has a slot for inserting the iPhone, and at the front a set of 3D mirrors and lenses, which will create a 3D image for the iPhone to capture! It’s dead easy, it requires no tech knowledge and even your grandma could get clear 3D images with her iPhone.

How To Turn smartphone to 3d cameraThe principle of 3D view and 3D pictures is that two images are combined into one. This needs to be done synchronized by two lenses, which bring the brain to images arriving from two angles, which the brain combines into a 3D image.

When you slip the iPhone in the 3D Poppy slot, the front lenses collect an image, and by breaking the picture with two mirrors, they send two images from slightly two angles backward.

The image is blur, because it is two images side by side. The twin lenses in the view finder, combine the blur image in to one 3D picture!

It is so easy to take 3D images and view them on your iPhone, using this low cost gadget. While 3D cameras cost $300, you can enjoy the same fun and effects at less than quarter of the price.

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Note that the Poppy 3D works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and the 5th gen iPod Touch w/ rear camera. No batteries are needed. Poppy comes with a camera strap, microfiber bag and an integrated tripod mount.



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