JVC Full HD – 3D Video Camcorder Review

JVC Full HD 3D Everio Video Camcorder

The JVC Full HD 3D video camcorder was the first ever 3D video camcorder with a built in twin lens. The JVC 3D video camcorder was released last year near the 2011 CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Though it had an edge start over the Sony 3D Handycam HDR-TD10, the Sony 3D video camcorder was released earlier to the US markets and by that gained a strong hold in the 3D camcorders niche.


JVC GS-TD1B Full HD 3D Everio CamcorderJVC was the first to use two twin lenses integrated into the camcorder, and not use an add-on attachment lens like Panasonic HDC High Definition 3D Camcorder did at the  the beginning of 2011.

JVC 3D Video Camcorder Resolutions

The two lens are used intelligently at the JVC 3D video camcorder has ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ independent recording. This means each lens is capturing Full HD (1920×1080 Full HD resolution) images separately (x2) and the images can be later seen on 3D HDTV, which plays Left&Right technology. The JVC GS-TD1 3D Camcorder can also record images in side-by-side technology (960×1080 Full HD resolution) which is also used in many 3D HDTV formats.

JVC 3D Still Image Capturing

The JVC GS-TD1 3D Camcorder is also a 3D camera for 3D or 2D still images. The 3D images will be HD (1920×1080) high resolution, each 2 Megapixel. On top of this the camera can be a 2D camera with images with even higher resolution (2304×1296) 2.9 Megapixel.

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Why JVC 3D Camcorder Might Be For You

Most of the 3D video camcorders have similar specs in a way the human eye can not find any difference between. The main advantage a camera may have is by delivering better user recording capabilities and advanced modes which will make the 3D video camcorder a fine solution for family and simple needs recordings.

Here are the main features brought to you by JVC specs website:

Optical 5x Zoom in 3D

 Clearly capture the subject in 3D even from a distance. The camera automatically adjusts the parallax level while zooming so the 3D depth always looks natural and the scene looks real.

Glasses-free 3D LCD Monitor

 You can enjoy 3D viewing right on the camera’s high-resolution 3.5” LCD without any special glasses needed. This means you can check out how the 3D image actually looks in real time while you shoot – no unwanted surprises! Rely on easy and intuitive touch operation while you’re at it.

Super LoLux with two F1.2 Bright Lenses and Back-illuminated CMOS Sensors

The F1.2 lens is approximately two times brighter than conventional camera lenses, and is a perfect match for the Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor. You’ll be able to record in low light environments with confidence. Record indoors or outside in darker situations with brilliant results. Record birthdays, weddings, sporting events and everyday life without the need for additional lighting.

Advanced Image Stabilizer*

Camera-shake compensation is another important feature of a video camera. Our Advanced Image Stabilizer (A.I.S.) expands the effective area at wide angle, delivering powerful compensation for camera shake. Now, you can enjoy stable results even if you’re trotting alongside your subject. *Especially effective when shooting bright scenes at wide angle (from full wide to 5x).

Intelligent AUTO

Wherever you point the camera, it instantaneously analyzes faces, brightness, color and distance, to automatically select the best settings for the scene. Brightness, sharpness, chroma and gamma values, and more, are all continuously optimized. Get the best possible shot, anytime!
Detectable Scenes • Person • Sunset • Scenery • Forest • Macro

3D High-Speed Motor Drive Shooting

GS-TD1 offers Motor Drive Shooting just like that found on Digital SLR cameras, and it’s available in 3D! As many as 12 still images can be shot in 3D at approx. 12 frames per second (fps). Enjoy a new world of photography. For 2D stills, you can shoot up to 40 images at approx. 12fps.

Smile Meter & Smile Shot

Just say cheese! The Smile Meter keeps an eye on how much your subjects are smiling, giving you a % display. With Smile Shot, the camera automatically takes a picture (in still mode) every time the smile % reaches a certain level. Based on Face Detection technology, both these features are effective in 3D as well as 2D.

JVC 3D Video Camcorder Look & Feel Trailer

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