Why Red Sony 3D Digital Camera Is For Babes

Red Cybershot Sony 3D Camera

Red Sony 3D CameraLets face it, the hottest Sony camera color anyone can expect to have, is a red Sony digital camera! There is something about red stuff, just like pink stuff that make the color just as important as the camera it self. In this short review you can see and read about Sony red cybershot cameras, and especially on the Sony red 3D camera line.

Having a red Sony  camera case, is nice but certainly not as chic as having a glowing red Sony TX100 3D camera at hand.

Sony Red Cyber-Shot Cameras

Sony launched not so long ago the Sony Cybershot line of cameras, these were the best point & shoot digital cameras, with fun technological features like th smile detection and the anti-blur modes.

Red Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W330

Here on the right there is one of the most popular Sony red digital cameras, the SDC-W330 Cybershot. this camera has 14 MP and a 3 inch LCD screen, among other cool features.

The Cyber-Shot had an ever increasing Mega-Pixel resolution, with every new camera adding some more Megapixel to the over all count. The Sony cybershot red edition were a great success immediately when released. For the first time digital cameras were not only tech gadgets but also a fashion accessories.

Red White and Blue Sony Cameras

The red Sony cameras  where such a huge success that they were actually bought by girls and boys as a status sign. Having a red hot Sony camera was an accessory which was fun and stylish to flash around with. Sony designers continued to release more and more colorful Sony cybershots with all the cool features.

You can easily find red Sony cameras as well as blue Sony cameras and even yellow / green Sony cybershot models. All the colorful Sony models have the same features like the regular black or silver Sony cameras. They just added the personalty value to the electronic device, as a gadget people see and compare.

Red Sony 3D Cameras

Red Sony Cyber-Shot Camera

At the top of the Sony Cybershot cameras, are the line of the 3D panoramic sweep motion cameras. The Sony TX9 3D cameras where released as the world smallest 3D cameras. Since then the 3D cameras moved from a nice gadget to a real market with 3D needs and comparison reviews between the Sony TX9 and the Fuji W3 3D cameras.

While the Fuji W3 cameras were leading at the technological race, Sony released the red Sony 3D TX9 camera. The Sony 3D cameras became an instant hit! Red 3D cameras were a fun cool toy for thousands of girls in Japan and soon enough all over the world. For the extreme girls there were Sony TX10 waterproof red cameras too.

No Red Sony 3D Bloggie Touch 🙁

Red Violet Sony Bloggie Touch

Unfortunately Sony did not release a red Sony 3D Bloggie touch camera. The closest Sony bloggie is the Violet Sony Bloggie HD camera. This small violet camera has 1920x1080p MP4 HD video w/5MP still images, with hours of recording with the 4 Gb internal memory.

This Sony bloggie has a second screen (LCD) right under the lens, (see pic) for self recording and chatting. It is a great way for self recording messages when you can see yourself in the small screen.

Maybe in the near future Sony will release a red 3D bloggie touch. Until then there are the violet series of bloggie cameras.

Red Sony Camera Cases

All sony cameras have red Sony camera cases, these will hold and protect your colorful camera from dust and traveling hazards. So if you did not manage to get a red camera, you can still have a red protective case. it will be the perfect accessory to any occasion. you can surprise your friends even more when you take out from the red case cover a hot red Sony camera too!

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