Behold! Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Review

Sony 3D HD Bloggie Touch Camera Review

3D was never stylish and sexy to handle until the 3D Bloggie touch came by. This Sony HD flip 3D camera is expected to be the accessory gadget any one who is ‘someone’ will carry around. The 3D Bloggie comes in a similar size and shape as the well known Sony Bloggie touch camera – but with 3D additional features making it irresistible!

Before we carry on with the Sony 3D Bloggie Touch review, lets admit a little thing, compared to the rest of the 3D cameras out on the market today.. this 3D camera is beautiful. Without yet reviewing the techie side.. just a glimpse at it and one can fall in love.

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3D Bloggie Best Features Review

Bloggie 3D Camera Dimensions

This Sony 3D Bloggie is small and sleek, it has a weight of Approx. 120g (4.2oz.) and a slim body dimensions of  55.0mm x 108.0mm x 17.3mm ( 2 1/4″ x 4 3/8″ x 11/16″). Such a small 3D camcorder makes it ideal to carry a round and taken to any event or everyday. The best 3D clips and images will be those captured just because you had the 3D bloggie with you.

Sony Bloggie 3D Capturing Review

The Sony Bloggie 3D comes with two lenses, that make the 3D high-definition 3D video and still images possible. Behind the dual lenses the Bloggie 3D has the ‘secret weapon’ of the Sony 3D line of cameras, the ultra advanced sensors – Exmor CMOS sensor. This sensor delivers high-quality video and pictures with less grain, even in challenging lighting conditions. If you have to take pictures in low light situations (dark room, night shots) One of the Bloggie 3D camera features is LED light, which is like the “flash” for video needs.

Bloggie High Definition Features

The 3D Bloggie is a real Full HD camera ability, with the true HD 1920x1080p resolution, with MP4 HD video format, and 5MP resolution for 2D still images. For 3D images (which are actually 2 HD images..) the resolution is 2M x2 (1920 x 1080 x 2). 

The High Definition MP4 (H.264) video format  is popular video format used for viewing on main PC players and displays. There are extended features in the Sony 3D Bloggie Touch when capturing 2D images, one of these features is that with the Sony Bloggie Touch camera you’ll be able to take pictures or video from as little as 4” away. This mode is possible only for the 2D channel and not at 3D. This feature is very helpful when you are doing business or at a convention, to record from close range business cards, phone numbers from someone else’s screen, or detailed notes with one click.


Sony 3D Bloggie Internal Memory

Most 3D cameras come without any internal memory for images or video, then there is a need for a separate purchase of a SDHC memory card. The Sony 3D Bloggie Touch has an 8GB built-in memory, so once you unpack it you are ready to go.

The Sony 3D Bloggie 8GB can record and 2D video files – up to 4 hours, with each single clip of 29 min long before a new clip is started.

The 2D recording are as follows: Full HD video recordings 1080/30p = 80 min. As the resolution gets lower the files are smaller and the recording time gets longer 720/60p = 160 min. and at 720/30p = 240 min. For the 3D there is only the Full HD option otherwise the 3D movie may not be seen clearly so with the Sony Bloggie 8GB you can take over an hour of 3D videos: 1080/30p = 80 min.

Sony Bloggie 3D Touch Screen Review

The most cool thing about having a touch camera is the touch feature! The 2.4” touch screen LCD is also 3D ready, so you can just turn the screen around and let everyone watch the new 3D clip without the need for any 3D glasses. As you may have figured out for your self, Sony 3D Bloggie is all about fun! 

Just like in the iphone and other smartphones, the 2.4” LCD will rotate its orientation automatically; however you hold the camera – horizontally, vertically, even upside down, you can take 3D photos in what ever position you are!

Sony Bloggie 3D Camera User Friendly Features

SteadyShot – If you are a professional National Geographic photographer is it more likely you will need some other camera.. for the rest of us, with the shaky hands and the unstable video shooting the Sony Bloggie has a smart feature. The SteadyShot image stabilization mode helps reduce blur caused by camera shake, so next time you are at a party or just having fun, you do not have to ask everyone to freeze, or freeze yourself to capture clearer videos on the Sony 3D Bloggie.


Face Detection – Another feature which is relevant only at 2D video mode, is the Sony known new technology of Face Detection! This user assistnace technology for video and stills allows you to touch (on the screen) a face, and the Sony will keep this face in focus even as it moves around. Think of the endless times you wish to video someone but they keep getting blur as they move out of focus. Well no more of that..

USB Flip Arm – Sony designers thought not only of you taking pictures but also about the fact that today everyone is moving around and our life is more portable then ever. While people will take the Bloggie 3D touch anywhere, 99% of them would probably never carry the USB cables around. Exactly for this reason the Sony 3D Bloggie has a built-in USB arm that easily flips-out and lets you connect your camera directly to your compatible PC to upload video and/or charge your battery without having to hunt for cables.

Tagging – One last feature which is ‘nice to have’, is the Bloggie 3D camera pre-installed tagging software. This software makes it easy to tag videos and images in the camera while on the go, add who you captured or where, and mark them for upload to your favorite Internet sharing sites. then with few easy steps your new Bloggie Tagged images are on your Facebook page or profile, the 3D clips can be sent directly to the 3D YouTube channel. The best part that you may tag the images at school and the next time the camera is connected to a computer – walla – it is all uploaded together.


There are more features and excitement to expect from the 3D bloggie camera. It is not a camera for everyone, it is a status symbol, people who will have it get except from a 3D camcorder also a schick and stylish say. You can get a deeper Sony 3D Bloggie review at the Amazon order page.

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Sony 3D Bloggie Touch Camera Review






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