Sony 3D Camcorder – 2014 Summery

The Sony Handycam 3D Camcorder 2014

Sony 3D HD Video Camcorder 2011While at the CES 2011 (January) the Sony 3D camcorder was one of the main interest releases, there was some disappointments about the fact that the Sony 3D camcorder was not released in the US as planned.. Sony fans have been looking out to the official launch day, but because of the nature disaster at Japan, the due day was delayed.

Where to Get Sony 3D Camcorder 2014

The Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D camcorder have been released at Japan and at some other countries. While the US markets have not seen the new Sony HD 3D camcorder, there was great anticipation. The largest retailer online Amazon had the Sony Handycam 3D on pre-order status for a few month, with hundreds placing their order.

Surprising enough, the Sony 3D HDR-TD10 Full HD camcorder was selling at the time through Amazon. But it is Amazon UK.

Sony 3D Handycam Features

See below the introduction clip for the Sony  3D camera. All the cool new features are explained and shown with bright colors and graphics.

Watch Full HD 3D – The Sony 3D has two Full HD sensors for capturing true 1920×1080 3D video! These 3D video scenes can be seen on the 3D LCD without 3D glasses, and also be connected to any 3D HDTV for a crystal clear 3D TV scene.

Better Color Contrast – The Sony 3D Camcorder brings the TruBlack technology, so each picture and video clip are razor sharp, with high color contrast. All the HD clips can be recorded at 2D and 3D with the huge 64 GB internal memory, allowing hour upon hours of 3D clips and videos recorded (25 hours of 2D video recording).

Clearer Videos – Anti grain technology will allow better clarity at low light conditions. So for all the indoors recording and surprise birthday parties, the Sony 3D will deliver better shots.

Edit and Enjoy – The Sony 3D Camcorder allows you to gather clips together edit and add background music, to create easy clips, fun for sharing the best memories.

 Sony 2014 Camcorder Introduction Clip

How To Get The Sony 3D Handycam

If you have a crave for the new 3D camcorder, and want to get it before your friends, visit the Amazom product page below and place your order. You will be holding the best 3D video camcorder on the markets today. Be ready for the known fact that when you get an advanced tech component, soon enough all your home theater would need the technological upgrade too.

A 1080p 3D projector, 3D blu-ray player and disks and 3D silver white screen or a larger 3D LED HDTV.. But hey, we live only once.. So at least we enjoy it while we can.

Get it here: Sony 3D HDR TD10 Camcorder


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