Sony 3D Camcorder Price Range

Sony HDR-TD10 HD 3D Camcorder Price

Sony 3D camcorder priceThere is a lot of interest about the arrival of the new Sony HDR-TD10 HD 3D Camcorder to the markets and about it’s price. The Sony HD 3D Camcorder price is a little different world wide and the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan had an impact on the due arrival. Many ask today, how this delay may influence the Sony 3D Camcorder price? When will the first Sony 3D Camcorders reach the US markets?

Why Is The Sony 3D Handycam Distribution Delayed

It is thought that shortage of at least one component for the new camcorders has happened since the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami that wrecked some of Japan electronic industries and factories. The Sony spokesmen did not indicate which component exactly is missing but with the Japanese high quality management they will not distribute the HDR-TD10 HD 3D camcorders without all the right amounts of spare parts.

When Will The Sony 3D Camcorder Be Available

At first the Sony HDR-TD10 HD 3D Camcorder  was set to reach the US market by April, the largest online retailer Amazon had the Sony HDR-TD10 HD 3D Camcorder on a pre-order status from January. While many 3D camcorders and other 3D video cameras were sold on Amazon sine January, many people waited till April to place their pre-order for the Sony 3D camcorder.

Now the launch is delayed till 13 of may in Japan, and later to the rest of the world and to the US markets too.

Sony 3D Camcorder Price

While many 3D camcorders had a steep drop in their price tag since January, the Sony 3D camcorder price level has not been affected. Panasonic 3D camcorders had a steep drop in their price tag, some Panasonic 3D camcorders which cost $1300 are now being sold at Amazon at $900 or less.

The reason that 3D video cameras are sold for less is because more and more players and brands are now in the 3D cameras category (Fujifilm, Sony, Aiptek, Inlife, Panasonic). While Panasonic was the first with a full HD 3D camcorder, now there are half a dozen more brands of full HD 3D camcorders, and the obvious thing is that the cost for such 3D video cameras went down.

The list price of the Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder is $1549, it is open for pre-order at the price of $1498, once the first items are sold at Japan at May 13 the Sony High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder price will make it one of the premium 3D camcorders on the market.

Check here the current price for the Sony 3D Camcorder


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