Sony TX9 3D Camera Review

Sony TX9 3D Camera Features Review 

Sony 3D TX9 Camera ReviewThere are many great new features in the new Sony Cyber Shot TX9 3D camera, that are worth knowing and looking forward to. You do not have to be a professional photographer to love those little features, actually if you are a regular person looking for a point-and-shoot pocket 3D camera, then this Sony 3D camera review is specially for you.

Sony Camera 3D Sweep Panorama

The first feature in this Sony 3D Camera reviewis the 3D panorama capability of the Sony Cyber Shot! The Sony 3D camera can help you create some vast scenic vistas and 16:9 shots in spectacular 3D.

To take a 3D panoramic picture with the new Sony, you just need to sweep across the panorama. The camera has only one lens (unlike the Fujifilm 3D W3 Camera which has two lens), while you press the button and sweep the camera it will record separate right-eye and left-eye images. When those images are brought together digitally it will make landscapes come alive on as a bright 3D image!

While taking a panoramic 3D picture, as you press and sweep the camera, the Sony 3D Cyber-shot Camera does everything for you until a clear picture come alive! The Sony 3D camera will continuously shoot images and in one second will stitch them together. This Sony TX9 3D camera even detects faces and moving subjects, bringing them all together, and  intelligently decides on different widths to help avoid subject distortion.


Sony TX9 Fast Speed, High Resolution Pictures

Any person who takes pictures with a digital camera knows the frustration of trying to shot a fast moving object. It could be in a sports event, or at a vacation.. The Sony DSC-TX9 features a 12.2-megapixel “Exmor R” CMOS image sensor. This sensor brings out the best abilities from the camera’s Carl Zeiss lens, and makes it possible to deliver extremely fast speed, high resolution, and stunning low-light sensitivity pictures!

The sensor improves image clarity and drastically reduced grain. The image processor delivers extremely fast 10fps, Anti Motion Blur, Hand-held Twilight and 1080i movie modes. If you wish to picture high speed race cars this camera will do the work for you.

Sony Camera LCD touch screen display

Except from taking pictures, most of the time you will be viewing the back screen looking at the picture files or at the movie clips you have just shot. The LCD is therefor a very important part of the user experience. The Sony 3D Camera DSC-TX9 has a large 3.5-inch Xtra Fine LCD touch screen!

This is actually the largest LCD of Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC line, the large screen makes it easy for viewing and sharing images. The LCD is a simple and fun touch screen operation, all the main functions are at the tip of your finger. Like the iPhone simple touch, scroll through images by sliding your finger across the screen and one-touch access to the MENU.

Built-in Gyro Sensor For SteadyShots

For all the excited moms and thrilled dads, you can relax and leave behind you all the worries when in comes to unsteady photos, blur photos.. Sony 3D Camera has an optical SteadyShot image stabilization that uses a built-in gyro sensor to detect camera shake (when you laugh, move, or talk) the sensor will automatically shifts the lens to help prevent blur without sacrificing image quality.

Sony TX9 Smile Shutter Technology

Any one who tried to take a picture of a child knows this feeling, you place them in front of the camera, you try to make them smile “say cheeeeese” and press the button, only to find out a minute later at the LCD screen that you just missed the smile in a flick of a second..  Well forget all about that! Meet the new Sony TX9 Camera Smile Shutter technology that captures a smile the moment it happens.

There is nothing to know except to simply press the Smile Shutter button and the 3D camera does the rest. Now, is this a life saver!

Along with this technology, you will find also the Anti-blink Function. This cool function help you picture the face when it is not blinking! No more eyes closed at school graduation and birthdays. The Sony compares two frames and records only the image with the eyes open.

There are many more features in the sony that we did not bring in this Sony 3D camera review, here are just a few more features this small & smart 3D camera has: 1080i AVCHD Movie Mode, wide 4x Optical Zoom, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens, HDMI output and much more.

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