Sony TX10 Waterproof Camera Review

Sony 3D TX10 Waterproof Camera


Why will people need the Sony Tx10 3D waterproof camera? It is usually not for underwater photos, those scuba divers usually need different equipment. 3D fans are people who are different and like to capture life differently. Personal cameras have been taken anywhere… but not too close to water. But that is over now. See here the Sony TX10 review – Certified waterproof first ever 3D camera.

When people use 3D waterproof camera?

  • It is for the fun shots at the beach or at the pool, where you just wish to jump in and never thought of doing it with your camera before. 3D is exciting, teenagers and youth are raving about 3D. Pool side hormones just gets better in 3D.
  • Others who need waterproof cameras are the wild nature photographers going in wet rainy forests to catch nature undisturbed. Getting winter landscapes when ever they want or see the right composition.
  • The extreme sports fans – Think of getting a bungee jump with a 3D camera all the way till the plunge!

But most probably it would be parents thinking of buying a Sony TX camera anyway, and upgrading it to the Sony TX10 waterproof is just the smartest thing to do, when you have small kids around…

Sony TX10 Waterproof Review

  • Certified waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freeze-proof
  • 3.0 Touch screen for easy focus selection and photo viewing
  • Full HD 1080/60i with dual record of stills and movies
  • 16.2MP Exmor R CMOS sensor for stunning low-light performance
  • 3D still image and 3D Sweep Panorama: change the view of the world

If you check the Sony TX10 review, you soon find out it is just as stylish as the TX9, but the Sony TX10 3D camera was designed to stand your toughest challenges. If you live in the north frozen areas and wish to take a 3D picture, then now you can, the TX10 Freeze-proof can operate in temperatures between 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius) and 104-degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). If you are out in the deserts, it is dust proof too.

Sony TX10 3D Camera

Sony TX10 User Feature Review

You get all the fascinating features that Sony superior technology can bring you, in a tough sturdy camera.

  • Smile Shutter technology – Simply press the Smile Shutter button and the camera does the rest.
  • Face Detection technology – Face Detection technology detects up to eight individual faces and adjusts flash, focus and exposure to get perfect pictures of family and friends.
  • Motion Detection – Along with Face Motion Detection adjusts ISO sensitivity and increases the shutter speed capture children faces even when moving.
  • Anti-blink Function – This function captures two images, recording only the photo with less squinting or blinking. 
  • Sweep Multi Angle Mode – The camera takes 15 images at different angles as it sweeps across the scene, later to be seen as 3D on the LCD.
  • Anti-Motion Blur Mode – The DSC-TX10 captures six images in a fraction of a second with higher shutter speed and combines the data from all six to create a single image of extraordinary detail and dramatically reduce subject blur, beyond the capability of traditional cameras.
  • Backlight Correction HDR – By taking three pictures at different exposure settings and processing the best elements of all three into a single image for more natural looking shots.

 These TX10 features reviewed are made to help any person without any knowledge in photography get better results and capture memories with less frustration and tons of photos not god enough to share but not bad enough to delete..


 Sony TX10 Tech Review

  • TransferJet technology – Life has never been easier… This feature allows the transfer of up to ten files between two TransferJet enabled devices just by touching their TransferJet logos together, without the hassle of hunting for cables.
  • Compatible with PC and MAC Systems – The Full HD video captured with the DSC-TX10 can be used with the provided Picture Motion Browser software1 for PC and iMovie (sold separately) for Mac systems.
  • Sony PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Software ver. 5.51– This will allow you to easily upload (one click) to Facebook and other sharing sites. Using the new 5.5 version also enables playback of 3D images taken on the Cyber-shot camera.
  • HDMI output – The High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a compact audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed digital streams. you can plug and play the content on any HDTV and 3D capable HD TV.
  • Full HD 1080@60i – You don’t have to be James Cameroon, with the Sony TX10 you can record crystal clear movies at the highest resolution available with capabilities for 60i in 1080 Full HD.

There is more tech stuff  you can find, this Sony TX10 review is a glimpse at the 16.2 Megapixel 3D still and 3D digital waterproof camera. No matter where you go, the Sony TX10 may be tough enough to be there and help you get the best results and share the best memories.

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