The Best 3D Portable Viewer By Aiptek Review

Aiptek 3D Portable Display Reviewed

While more and more people are buying 3D cameras, and their prices are getting lower as the competition rises. The option to view the 3D videos or images is still rather expensive.  3D HDTV sets are sold by the thousands but they are still too expensive as a 3D view option for many people.

Into this exact niche some 3D manufacturers started to release new and portable 3D photo frames. Several portable 3D displays came out to the markets, some were over priced and some have more reasonable consumer price.

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Aiptek 3D Portable Viewer Display

Aiptek 3D Portable Photo Viewer

This 3D portable viewer was specially designed for use with Aiptek’s 3D-HD Camcorder. If you have a 3D Aiptek i2 camcorder or any other 3D camera then the best value-for-money option for you to view 3D video or 3D still photos is with the Aiptek Portable 3D Photo and Video Digital Display.

Instead of viewing the 3D images and 3D video clips through the camera LCD, and store all your memories on the cameras’ SDHC card, having a 3D portable viewer is a great solution to view and store all of your 3D photos and videos.

Aiptek 3D LCD Screen Review

With the 3D Aiptek portable photo frame, you can see your videos and pictures on an 8-inch LCD screen with a Parallax Barrier. This 8 inch screen is nearly 3 times larger than the LCD you get on the 3D cameras, so you can watch and share the pictures on a rather very wide screen.

The Parallax Barrier LCD means that you can view the 3D HD home movies and 3D pictures you captured without the aid of any 3D glasses, not the red/blue or active glasses. Just plug and play. Note that in order to view the 3D clearly you need to be in front of the 3D Aiptek Digital photo frame, if you watch the 3D from side ways, than the Parallax Barrier physical rules may distort the 3D effect and picture.

The 3D Aiptek viewer allows you to also enjoy your 2D files too, so you can show and share both your 3D and 2D videos or images with this same digital picture frame.

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Aiptek 3D Digital Picture Frame Memory

When using this Aiptek 3D portable viewer you can save hours of 2D videos or thousands of 2D picture frames with the SDHC slot that supports SDHC cards up to 16 GB. There are 32GB cards today that the cameras support, though not mentioned on the product technical page I assume it can handle 32GB SDHC cards too.

As 3D files tend to get much heavier so expect 1-2 hours of video storage capability and hundreds of 3D pictures to be shown too.

Converting Media For The 3D Digital Photo Frame

Unless you buy (or have) the Aiptek 3D camcorder, then the Aiptek 3D digital photo frame viewer need the 3D images and 3D clips to be converted to the files it can read. Those output files you get from your other 3D cameras (Fujifilm Finepix W3 3D, Sony 3D TX9) needs to be converted to avi or jpeg files. This format side by side using Stereo PhotoMaker opens .mpo files which can be saved as jpegs, or use the Stereo Movie Maker, for the 3D files conversion.

Aiptek Portable 3D HD Digital Picture Frame

At an over all  conclusion, this viewer is a great buy if you have other Aiptek 3D devices. It works perfectly well with the Aiptek 3D HD camera both are money-for-value gems for 3D capturing and display. If you have other 3D camera then this can be a better solution than the comparing 3D portable displays (some are outrageous expensive $1400! and other $30 cheaper but got bad consumer reviews).

The main advantage is that it is portable (unlike the HDTV) so you can actually view 3D anywhere, home or office, take it with you anywhere and just plug and play your 3D files. The second advantage is the low price, making it a reasonable substitute for the expensive 3D HDTV (until those will become more affordable).

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Aiptek Portable Viewer 3D Digital Frame Review.


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