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UHS Speed Class 1 Compared To Class 10

UHS-Class 1 Card 32GB

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There are new memory cards class for digital cameras which are called UHS Class 1. This new speed standard is faster than other speed classes used by HD camera users. In this short review we will compare the UHS speed Class 1 to the Class 10 memory cards.

The writing speed of the card has become a major factor for the performance of the HD cameras and 3D camcorders. These cameras are consuming large data capacity in a very short time-frames.

The new 3D HD cameras have two HD sensors which need to write to the card thousands of pixels image each, and it needs to be done simultaneously, other wise the 3D effect would not created. New DSLR cameras have the burst image capturing, where they allow the photographer to press the button once and a burst of hundreds of HD images are created, form which the best shot can be picked afterwords.

In order to be able to capture so much data, the card has to be able to store a lot of memory and the card speed factor for processing this overload of information becomes a major part of the performance of the camera.

Extreme Pro Class 10 Memory Cards

This was until recently the fastest speed available for SDHC cards. The speed ‘Class 10’ was the fastest from the speeds classes for these cards, which have Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10. The memory capacity for these cards could be from 4GB to 32GB. The fast class speeds was called ‘extreme pro’ by SanDisk Class 10 and was marketed for professional users.

SDHC Class 10 Speed CardClass 10 speed, means a 10MB writing per second to the card. For most cameras it might be enough, but when it comes to the new HD and 3D cameras, where multiple HD images (fast shutter) are captured at once, the 10MB writing speed is not longer sufficient.

UHS Class 1 Writing Speed MB per Second

“UHS” is the Secure Digital acronym for “Ultra High Speed”, the speed is Class is a factor of how much MB can be written per second to the card. The UHS Class 1 memory cards could write up to 104MB per second. This dazzling speed allows HD live broadcast and 3D HD capturing. The bus interface speed of up to 104 MB/s allows digital cameras and HD cameras to preform freely without any pull back from the memory card.

UHS Class 1 Memory CardIn order to know you are buying the UHS Class 1 speed, you need to look for the small logo on the card that looks like this (left).

When Do You Need A UHS Class 1

There are several situations where you may notice that you may need a faster card. When the camera performance is slowed down and the ability to capture the next shot is postponed by a slow writing process. Here are some signs of a slow writing speed card:

  • Long Buffering – You may notice the camera buffering for long periods between each shot. You press the shutter and the camera will take the shot but freeze for a while until the data is fully written to the card and the card is ready for another image.
  • Corrupted Video – When using a slower writing speed class, camcorders might produce corrupted video files, the full HD may not be Full HD.
  • Short Clips – When the camcorder has a highewritingng speed than the card, once the speed limit of the card is reached, the camera will pause and the clip will end.
  • Burst Shooting – New cameras have the feature where one press produces repeated series of shots, this allows to capture fast moving events like sports of wildlife, when the photographer can not predict the exact moment t capture, but knows if they get 2-3 seconds of the event, the ‘money shot’ would be there. When the card writing speed is too slow, the rapid fire shooting will not work.

 The new UHS speed cards are made more durable than regular cards, SanDisk cards are temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and x-ray proof. So while for most of the people these are irrelevant, for the professionals who travel and use the cameras at extreme weather and places, a durable card is an important feature.

Before You Buy UHS Class 1

Like with other technologies, when a new technology is adapted, in some cases old technologies are outdated. If you plan to buy a UHS Class 1 memory card for your digital camera, make sure that the camera knows who to write in those ultra-fast speeds, otherwise you are wasting your money!

In many cases, cameras won’t write data to the memory card faster than 8-10MB/sec even when faster speed capabilities cards are inserted. You may also need a faster card reader for the new UHS class 1 speed cards. So be prepared to invest more than the cost of the card for fully implementation of the technology.

So having a dazzling speed card is fun, but make sure it serves your needs before you purchase one.


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