Very Cheap 3D Cameras Under – $100

Cheap Low Budget 3D Cameras Under – $100

Low Budget 3D CameraIf you where looking for very cheap low budget 3D cameras, you might find them here. But before we dive into this section, you should know 3D cameras that are too cheap may not be digital. If you are looking for digital 3D cameras than the best advise would be to check the USED category at Amazon, where many great cameras are resold after someone has returned the item in the original box, and now it can not be sold again as NEW.

Viewsonic 3D Camera For Less Than $100

The other kind of solution for rock-bottom low price camera, may be the Viewsonic 3D camera. It is very cheap compared to the other 3D cameras in the same segment.

The Viewsonic is a 3D digital camera which looks like a smartphone, and has two lenses and the ability to create 3D images and videos.  There is only one simple problem,and that is that the overall performance of the Viewsonic camera is less than the average customer expects.

While the price of a new Viewsnic camera is $99, the customer satisfaction reviews about it is just as low. So it is up for you to decide whether it is worth your investment. Our recommendation would be, if it is a present for a kid, or a child who wants to get the first hands on a 3D camera, and you can not afford the Aiptek i2 camcorder (less than $200) then this might be a nice place to begin exploring 3D.

Get Aiptek Cheap 3D Camera For Less Than $200

Cheap Aiptek 3D camera & Camcorder

Low Cost Stereo 3D Cameras

This means good old manual functions, stereo cameras. Stereo cameras are cameras with two lens, that take two pictures simultaneously. Then you need to print those two images and set them on a special side-by-side 3D viewer, or with the aid of 3D glasses so they fit and complete each other for the full 3D effect. You will need film, and to understand in photography just enough to follow the tips in the manual.

These cameras are not meant to be used as a home 3D camera, because they are far from the digital cameras point and shoot style. These cameras might be cheap, but they are for artists or professionals who ‘play’ with images and create 3D effects. Before you purchase one of the stereo cameras take note that there will be accessories you will need, like tripod and special film producing elements.

  1. Holga 3D Stereo Camera ($99).
  2. Holga 3D Stereo Pinhole Camera ($69).

In order to fully enjoy these two stereo cameras you might want to get a 3D guide book, this is one of the best informative book (paperback) guide to 3D film making – “3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from Script to Screen”.

Cheap 3D Web Camera

Cheap 3D Webcam CameraWell as soon as YouTube turned 3D, there came a need for 3D web camera. It might not be the 3D camera to take along to trips and take family 3D pictures with. But if you have a blog, or wish to upload 3D video to YouTube, then this may certainly be a cool option. Compared to regular webcams this 3D is not a cheap webcam, but it is sold for less than $100, which puts it proudly in this ‘cheap 3D cameras’ category. If you have a laptop you can take the 3D webcam outside your home expanding your 3D picture taking scenery.

This Minoru 3D Webcam is sold online for $80 and has two lens to produce the 3D depth image. Minoru 3D Web cam connects to any computer via a standard USB plug. What makes this low cost 3D webcam so unique is that the Minoru software has stereoscopic anaglyphic processing which will turn anything it records into 3D!

So when you record your videos from the webcam, they can be uploaded to Youtube 3D channel.

The Minoru 3D Webcam content will be a dizzily of red and cyan anaglyph image, like you might have seen at old books. Well this kind of red and blue blurry image can be seen as clear deep 3D for anyone who wears the red and cyan 3D glasses. For this purpose the Minoru 3D Webcam comes with 5 pairs of 3D red and cyan glasses, so you can send them over to friend or family to help them enjoy with your the 3D excitement.

Getting a low budget / cheap camera does not mean you do not need to get a fair return for your money. If you have a low budget you can still get fine 3D camcorder for $150 or less. Check HERE to learn how. Sometimes it is wiser for customers to invest a little more and get a LOT more for their money.


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