Which 3D Camera Memory Cards To Buy?

What Memory Card To Buy For The 3D Camera?

Many people ask what memory card do I need for my 3D camera? In this 3D camera review for memory cards we will try and help you out to sort which 3D camera memory card to buy.   

What Memory Cards 3D camera Use?

Today if you wish to make the best of your new 3D camera, you will need to buy SDHC memory card with it. When you buy a 3D camera online, it is not shipped with any memory card, so it is up to you to get the right card for the camera.  

All the 3D cameras on the markets need the SDHC memory card format, these letters stand for “Secure Digital High Capacity”.  

SD High Capacity (SDHC™) card is an SD™ memory card based on the SDA 2.0 specification. This new SDA 2.0 specification enables SD cards to reach higher capacities: 4GB and higher. The new standard memory cards SDHC capacities goes from 4GB to 32GB while the older technology of the SD cards which you might have used can go from 128MB to 2GB only..  The 3D photos and movies you can take with your new 3D camera will need a much higher volume of memory to store the 3D information.  

How Do I Know If I Bought a SDHC or SD Card?

First of all it is important you do not buy the SD cards! For most 3D cameras you need to buy the SDHC Memory Cards. This is because SDHC works differently then standard SD cards, this new format is NOT backwards compatible with host devices that only take SD (128MB – 2GB) cards.  

You need to look for the special logo of the SDHC memory cards which look likes this.   

There are three SDHC memory cards levels, they have different abilities and the cost differently too..  They are divided into classes by the writing and transfer speed (Class 2 = Slow, Class 10 = Very Fast)  

  • SDHC Class 10 (3D cameras users)- Capacities: 32GB Card , 16GB Card , 8GB & 4GB. They have a maximum of 30MB/second sequential write and read speed that allows for faster capturing of large image files to the card, faster viewing of images and faster data transfer rates.
  • SDHC Class 6 (3D cameras users) – Capacities: 32GB, 16GB, 8GB Card & 4GB. With fast transfer speeds of up to 15MB/second, These are the most popular, most compatible memory format for regular digital cameras today.
  • Standard SDHC (Less recommended for 3D cameras) – Capacities: 32GB, 16GB, 8GB, 4GB & 2GB allow (Class 2-4).

Know that there are also SDXC cards (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) cards have a maximum capacity of 2 TB (TeraByte).  

What Card Do I Need To Buy For The 3D Camera?

What is the best memory card to buy for your 3D camera depends on two things your 3D camera, and your needs. Make sure you read the manufacturers memory card recommendation, as they each have a different type of card or Class recommendation.

3D cameras use more storage space than the regular digital cameras, so consider buying a larger SDHC card for it. When you buy larger SDHC memory cards it allows you to take more pictures and more video clips and keep them stored on the camera before you download them to the 3D HDTV or your 3D laptop.

So if you plan on taking the camera for a vacation where you will want to take many 3D pictures and 3D movie clips, then you certainly need the 32GB Memory Card that can hold tons of pictures and longer movie clips.

If you know you will take most of the pictures at home or with friends and download them every other day to the computer than a smaller size storage memory card is needed 8GB or 16GB Card. You need to know the 3D files are larger than the regular picture files, since they combine two images stitched together. So getting a smaller storage than the 8GB is not recommended.

The class rate you will need, is also depending on your immediate needs. The higher class rates 8-10, so will you get faster speed and performance. If you plan on taking 3D movie clips you better buy the SDHC Class 6 (or higher). Class 4 or less might get you slower information capabilities and more poorly movie clips. The prices of the Class 6 aren’t that higher than the Class 4, so it is worth the investment in order to get the best results with the new 3D camera. 

3D cameras are new to the markets and for the consumers, while people do not know which memory card to buy for their 3D camera it is wise to check the past usage behaviors. Like with other portable storage devices, we soon learned that the amount of GB we bought was too small and not sufficient for our needs. We predict this will be the same in the 3D cameras, where larger memory cards SDHC or SDXC will be needed, we tend to use much more storage when we start enjoying the gadget..

Buy online – SDHC memory cards for your new 3D camera: 

32GB Card (Class 10)

16GB Card (Class 10)

8GB Card (Class 6)

(You do not want any thing less than 8GB.. or less than class 6.. For The 3D cameras).


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