Which Memory Card To Buy For Fujifilm W3 3D Camera

Buy Memory Cards For Fujifilm W3 3D Camera

Here you can read which memory cards to buy that are best for your Fuji W3 3D camera. The 3D cameras have brought the need for larger storage and higher speed rates in order for them to capture and display the best results.

Memory Cards For FujiFilm 3D W3 CameraAll 3D cameras including Fuji film Real W3 3D Camera, have to take two pictures at once and combine them together to create the 3D picture image. This mean that all the 3D cameras use larger memory space than the regular digital cameras, it goes the same for the 3D video capabilities. Without larger memory space and file speed transfer rates the camera will not be able to take 3D clips longer than a few seconds, before you get the disappointing “No More Memory” sign flashing at your screen.

W3 Camera SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot

Unlike other 3D cameras on the market the Fuji W3 Digital camera has a versatile card slot! This means that it is compatible with SD and high-capacity Secure Digital (SDHC) memory cards.
The SD cards are rather older cards with smaller storage size, SD cards can not be bigger than 2GB and are slower compared to SDHC which stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. So although the 3D has the slot ready for the SD card, if you really want to enjoy the 3D capabilities, it is recommended to upgrade yourself to the new level of memory cards, and buy a SDHC card for the 3D camera.

Which SDHC Card Size Is Best For The W3 Camera?

The size of the SDHC cards range from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB to 32GB.

  • 2GB / 4GBSDHC – Because the 3D camera uses larger memory space, the small SDHC memory cards are not recommended! Before you know it you will find yourself with a full card not being able to take any picture or movie clip. These small cards can serve you only if you use the camera’s 2D option, but you didn’t buy the W3 for that purpose…
  • 8GB / 16GB SDHC – Those memory cards can serve you fine, remember when you buy larger the storage space, you can take more pictures and you do not have to download them as frequently to your computer or 3D laptop. For Movies and 3D clips these SDHC Cards will not be good enough! While taking 3D clips the resulting files are enormous, with two 720p M-JPEG streams plus stereo uncompressed sound amounting to 6MB per second.
  • 32GB SDHC – These are the most recommended SDHC cards for FinePix Real W3 3D Camera, they can hold thousands of pictures and longer movie clips. The 32GB SDHC memory cards will allow you to fully enjoy the 3D camera capabilities. Think of the peaceful mind you will have when you can shoot a whole video scene in 3D without the worry whether the memory card is getting full or not.

What Does the SDHC Class Rating Mean?

These Class rating mean the reading and writing speed transfer the card is capable for. This writing speed is important for the camera to record what it sees, and deliver a reasonable quality 3D display. The Classes go from Class 2 (Very Slow), Class 4 (Still not fast enough for 3D cameras), Class 6 (The least you can buy to enjoy the 3D video possibilities), Class 10 (If you can afford them don’t settle for anything less!). You should know a slow SDHC card may give you about 30 seconds before it stops recording, while a Class 6 card may keep on for about 20 minutes. Fujifilm recommends a Class 10 card for HD video, and that is a sensible advice.

And Which SDHC Card Is Best For The W3 Camera

Without going to specific recommendation on W3 3D Camera SDHC Cards brands, the best recommendation would be to invest in a SanDisk 32Gb SDHC Class 10 Memory Card, they cost around $150-$180. If it’s over your head.. there are lower prices too, like the Transcend 32GB Class 10 which costs about $55.

These SDHC Cards will give you the best value and abilities from your FinePix Real W3 3D Camera. Think that before you know it your FinePix Real W3 3D Camera will be connected to the 3D HDTVs with the HDMI connection, so you could see all your 3D clips on your 3D Hi-Definition TV! Now you wouldn’t like to see only 10 seconds clips.. The best SDHC card for your 3D FInePix W3 camera would then be 32Gb Class 10 SDHC Card ! Buy It Now From Amazon.

But if you can not afford such a memory card, and for you to fully enjoy the FinePix Real W3 3D Camera, you have two other choices:

Invest in a smaller storage 16GB SDHC but keep the higher Class 10 speeds for best resultes from the W3 Camera. These SDHC cards should cost around ($120-$140) for top reliable brands SanDisk 16GB Class 10 SDHC or you can get them for a lower price ($50-$60) from other manufacturers Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC.

It is not recommended for you to buy SDHC cards smaller than 8GB, or slower than Class 6, this may result in your memory card getting full too quickly or lower quality few second clips.


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