Why NOT To Buy a 3D HDTV… Yet

Think Of Buying 3D HDTV? Then Think Again..

Panasonic 3D HDTV 50-InchThere was a huge buzz around all the 3D technology the last year and a half, since 2010 and the Avatar movie release the 3D marketing had a steep rise in the public relations. We as customers where told that the 3D HD televisions are the NEXT BIG THING.

But it might just be that the trumpets sounds announcing the new home king arrival came a year or so too early… because as far as it seems right now, the ‘new king’ is too expensive, too clumsy… and the native citizens seem reluctant to worship it further as it has been quite disappointing.


The HD (Hi-Definition) television sets where a huge technological success, the HDTVs were bought by millions all around the world. Their price was over the top at the beginning but soon enough the brands competition began and the prices started decreasing while the quality of the resolution and customers satisfaction was increasing.

Having a HDTV became a standard, and with the prices getting lower, more and more people bought new HD TVs and got rid of their old bulky box TV sets.

People Do Not Buy 3D As Much HDTVS

But this same tech cycle somehow does not carry through with the 3D HDTVs. Though the buzz is mostly created by the marketing PR agencies, people are still reluctant from buying 3D HDTVs. Here are number of reasons why people are not storming to buy 3D TVs.

3D HDTVs Are Still Expensive

The prices of 3D television sets have an added ‘3D fee’ of 30%-50% when they are ‘3D ready’ or ‘3D compatible’. So when people with bulky old TV come to the point they need to choose, 3D or larger screen, they will prefer to pay a little more and to buy a larger flat screen HD TV, than to add much more for a smaller size screen with 3D capabilities.

People who bought HDTV in the last 3-4 years still have great TV at home and see no sense in replacing those with the upgraded 3D features too.

Watching 3D Requires Buying More 3D Stuff

Having a 3D HDTV is just the first of a long 3D home appliances a person needs to buy to watch 3D at home. There is a 3D Blu-ray, and 3D blu-ray disks, and the HDMI cables and 3D glasses for everyone… and when they get to think it over, people prefer to add some bucks and get a larger inch screen than a small size 3D TV.

Not Enough 3D Content

It might seem that everything is turning 3D around us, every new movie is released as ‘3D’. But when it comes to home theater content and 3D watching at home, the variety of 3D content is still insufficient. The 3D disks are still scarce and cost more than regular DVDs, there are not enough 3D cable channels and satellite content also.

So unless you create your own content with a 3D camera or camcorder, the 3D HDTV will be used 90% of the time as a regular 2D HDTV.

The 3D Active Glasses

The 3D technology is based on dividing the images the brain receives to a left/right image separation. This is done mainly with the 3D active shutter glasses, which flicker at high speeds, closing a shutter for each eye depending on the image shown on the HDTV. the 3D shutter glasses are bulky, heavy, they cause some headaches – and cost $100 each, when you usually need a pair for each person living at home, and 3D glasses for children.

When people are asked why they do not buy 3D TV, almost half say it is because of the glasses.

Wearing Any 3D Eyewear

In order to watch and enjoy 3D at home, there is a need to be using some kind of 3D eyewear, either active or polarized 3D glasses. But watching TV today is not like 20 years ago, today we are all multi-task people, and once you place 3D glasses, you can not browse your laptop, read a newspaper or send a text message… So watching 3D with glasses cuts people from smartphones and laptops.

Even talking to the person sitting next to you and  watching the same 3D movie is strange, you do not see them clearly and they look dorky (and you too) with the 3D glasses on. People with optical glasses find wearing a second pair on the tip of their nose kind of awkward too.

And there is the thing with sitting right in-front of the TV to see the full 3D effects, as they disappear or distort when watching the screen from the side.

Buying 3D HDTV Conclusion

It seems the 3D flat HDTVs are still raw technology, and the real break through will be when the first HD no glasses 3D sets will appear. There are right now some 3D no glasses digital viewers and LCD screens, but all those are small size frames and not full screen HDTVs.

The prices of all 3D electronics are decreasing all the time, more 3D content is released too, the 3D glasses are getting smaller and more delicate and some cable announced a 3D channel launched soon. So there is still hope for those who intend to buy a 3D HDTV.

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