ZOMM Wireless Leash Review

Review The ZOMM Wireless Leash

ZOMM Wireless Leash, Bluetooth Speakerphone, and Personal Safety Device for Mobile Phones is the hot winning gadget for the CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show 2012). The sleek cool ZOMM is a wireless leash to prevent people from loosing their smartphones behind them. You can read below in this ZOMM wireless leash review how it can also protect people from getting their smartphone stolen. With thousands of smartphones getting lost or stolen – there is no doubt the ZOMM is an innovative gadget anyone MUST have.

What Is ZOMM

ZOMM Wireless Leash ReviewThe ZOMM wireless leash is a gadget small as a quarter coin which is connected to your key-chain. The device can function as a personal guard, an iPhone keeper and a useful accessory bluetooth speakerphone.

The ZOMM works by a bluetooth signal operating wireless, connecting the device to your mobile phone. Once the device gets 30 feet away from the mobile phone bluetooth signal, it begins to beep and alert you that your smartphone too far away.

Here are a few scenarios we at the ZOMM wireless leash review think it will be your life saver:

1. You leave your car and forget the mobile phone behind.. the ZOMM will alert you within 30 feet. Without it you may be back and see your car window was smashed and the smartphone stolen.

2. You stop for a quick meal at some fast food place, you make some calls and then hurry to your car. If the phone was left behind the ZOMM will alert you before you even leave the place!

3. Connect the device to your children’s house keys, it will prevent other children at school from stealing your kid’s phones.

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zomm wireless leash for mobile phones

ZOMM Wireless Leash Added Features

Except from protecting your mobile phone from getting lost (or stolen) the system has other features which serve as added value, making this gadget a must for young teens and women.

ZOMM Personal Safety Device Review

ZOMM Wireless Leash Personal ProtectionThe ZOMM wireless Leash can be your (or your family members) personal bodyguard. The system can be a REAL life saver in emergency situations when you feel threatened or in personal crisis situation. Pressing the middle button (with the ‘Z’) for 9 seconds will set off a screaming panic alarm! Think of your daughter or wife walking down when a big guy suddenly blocks her way.. 

If the ZOMM button is kept pressed during the panic alarm, the device calls an emergency operator and opens a direct bluetooth line for emergency help! It can be even be pre-set to send a recorded voice message to the emergency operator!

Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

The system is not only a life saver but an everyday useful gadget. It can serve as a speakerphone when connected to your mobile phone. Never miss another incoming call. The small device will vibrate inside your pocket letting you know there is a new incoming call for you. One click at the ‘Z’ button and the device turns into a 2 hour bluetooth speaker phone!

Think you have left your phone at the back seat of the car, or it’s inside your handbag. The ZOMM wireless leash beeps and vibrates letting you know there is a call for you. One click and you get connected, two clicks and the call is sent to your voice mailbox.

Wireless Leash – How Did We Manage Without It?

There is no doubt this small gadget is going to be the next trend! It is more than a gadget ‘nice to have’, can you even think how it feels to lose your mobile phone? It is more than a catastrophe.. All our personal images, videos, text messages and identity is inside our smartphones. Our ZOMM wireless leash review is that it is worth the investment to makes sure you never lose it or leave it behind.

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